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Review – Samurai Sword

10 Jan

Samurai Sword is an interesting new version of the classic Wild West Game Bang, not only re-themed for ancient Japan but also with several game “tweaks” that give the game quite a different feel.

Samurai Sword card game

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Excursion To Milsims Games Store

2 Jul

The other weekend a troupe of Cafe Games regulars caught the train out to “Milsims“, one of the finest of Melbourne’s board game storesContinue reading

Scrabble Trickster = The End of the World?

6 Nov

Scrabble Trickster - Boardgame Cover

Ha! Scrabble Trickster! An invigorating new twist on a staid old boardgame, or a sad reflection on modern society? Continue reading

Ya Bloody Drongo – it’s “Pictionaussie”!

29 Jun

I’ve recently picked up a new version of an old boardgame, and an old version of a new boardgame … hmm … or something like that: an Australian-themed version of Pictionary and a new “retro” reprint of the classic strategy boardgame Risk.

Today I’ll tell you about the first of them – “Pictionaussie”…

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Executive Boardgames, and Other Curiosities

9 Jan

If this Malaysian article is anything to go on, many executives at famous Silicon Valley companies now gather to play boardgames instead of the old stereotype Golf!

Sounds like top companies such as LinkedIn, Mozilla (Firefox), StumbleUpon, Zygna (Farmville) and Facebook are really getting into “Settlers of Catan“…

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White-Collar Werewolves

12 Nov

When you’re playing Werewolf you’re learning how to pick liars but also how to be persuasive, and convince people to do what you want.

In this amusing article, American Michael Lopp gives a colourful description of Werewolf, and explains that Werewolf isn’t just a game … it’s ideal training for the dog-eat-dog world of business meetings and corporate politics …

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We are the angry mob

26 Oct

Another gristly murder in the remote country town of Millers Hollow! Folks are worried. Rumour has it that this is the work of WEREWOLVES, supernatural beasts who masquerade as humans during the daylight hours. We need to band together to protect ourselves, to rout out this evil menace. Hmm, Farmer Joe looks a bit hairy … I THINK HE’S A WEREWOLF!!! C’mon let’s get him!!

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Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop

15 Oct

Oh dear, I guess I’d heard Milsims Games store in Bentleigh was a bit of an independent boardgames shop with games you’d be unlikely to get in the more mainstream shops, but when I made the pilgrimage there, it was like Christmas time!! I might have bought one or two games …

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Are You The Traitor?

12 Sep

Interesting new game like Werewolf, but shorter and can be played with fewer. From the creators of Fluxx. I wonder when it will appear in Australia?

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Cluedo – they’ve changed it???

15 Aug

Hi folks,
I’m sure many of you have played the classic game detective game Cluedo.

It was my favourite boardgame when I was a kid!

At Cafe Games the other day a few of us were perplexed by the Cluedo set that YouWu brought along. It looked quite different and had different rules. I don’t think she knew, but that’s a new version that has been brought out called “Cluedo: Discover the Secrets“…

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