Ya Bloody Drongo – it’s “Pictionaussie”!

29 Jun

I’ve recently picked up a new version of an old boardgame, and an old version of a new boardgame … hmm … or something like that: an Australian-themed version of Pictionary and a new “retro” reprint of the classic strategy boardgame Risk.

Today I’ll tell you about the first of them – “Pictionaussie”…

Playing Pictionary boardgame at Cafe GamesI’m sure you’re all familiar with Pictionary – the party boardgame where your team mates have to guess what word you are trying to convey using only drawings and no words. It’s been a hilarious favourite around these parts for years, and often a source of good-natured friction between couples…

“Hey? How was I supposed to know that was what it was? I thought you were drawing a wombat that had been run over!! Why didn’t you draw it like this??”

As with many “international” boardgames, some of the words or phrases were a bit too American and so you’d skip them. But no need to now, as they’ve brought out the “Pictionaussie” version.

Pictionaussie boardgame

What I didn’t realise when I bought it in the shop was that it’s not a whole new edition – you get the standard boardgame, plus 50 extra Australian themed cards (2×5 phrases per card – so 500 new questions). I guess that’s useful for people who don’t have Pictionary yet, but I wonder if they’ll bring out a separate pack of cards for people who already have the boardgame.

Some of the new phrases (from the box, so barely a spoiler) are: “Bells Beach“, “Boomerang”, “Slip, Slop, Slap“, “Crikey” and “Grog”. Hmmm if someone said “alcohol” … would you allow that for “grog”? Or would you insist they have to get precisely the right word?

I wonder if we Aussies are now all so “International”, or at least Americanised, that we won’t get half of the dinky-di phrases they’ve used. Could be a bit painfully twee, but still I’m sure it will be fun.

The Pictionary set they’ve included also has the “Challenge Dice” that apparently only gets included in special editions (eg 15th, 20th Anniversary). This mixes things up a bit, makes it a little more like “Cranium” – sometimes you have to draw with your eyes shut, or with your wrong hand, or without lifting your pencil …! Sounds like fun 🙂



To promote Pictionaussie, the company is holding promotional games on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook you can win copies of Pictionaussie and prizes from Aussie-sponsors like Cottees, Heinz, Chiko and Yakka. Yyou have 30 seconds to draw a picture matching a particular phrase and it gets posted to your Wall for your friends to guess.

This is my best picture so far. You wouldn’t want to see my worst. Apparently it looks like a biscuit with two buckets. 😦

The competitions run until a month from now, presumably culminating in …


Australia Day in JulyAustralia Day In July

As part of their promotions, the PR firm responsible for Pictionaussie are also trying to get people to hold “Australia Day in July” celebrations instead of “Christmas in July”.

“Why celebrate Christmas twice in one year when you can stand proud as an Aussie all over again?”

Hmmmm … of course part of the idea is that you celebrate it by playing Pictionaussie 😉


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