Executive Boardgames, and Other Curiosities

9 Jan

If this Malaysian article is anything to go on, many executives at famous Silicon Valley companies now gather to play boardgames instead of the old stereotype Golf!

Sounds like top companies such as LinkedIn, Mozilla (Firefox), StumbleUpon, Zygna (Farmville) and Facebook are really getting into “Settlers of Catan“…

“Settlers” has made an appearance at Cafe Games, though not for a while. Marjan brought it along to Isa Brown, back when we were in Glenferrie. As I recall she was very excited to play it, having just learnt to play it with some other friends, but needed to brush up on some of the rules when she played it with us! Generally it’s a more strategic game than most we play, but people get sucked in by the rich interaction between the players as they vie for farms and resources…

Interesting that news article also mentionned that in Borders bookstores in Malaysia they now have Games Meetups on Sundays, at their instore Starbucks stores! Cool! I wonder whether Borders stores in Melbourne could start doing that? I suppose their cafes might not be big enough though.

In America, there’s an initiative to have regular Games Days in their libraries! Not just board games but also electronic games. Sounds strange perhaps but I think I can see where they’re going. Libraries are supposed to be a community location, so getting more people in makes them more relevant – they’re not just about books. I gather once a year they have a big “Games Day” and then encourage people to come in for games all year. Apparently at times you see more kids playing boardgames than the electronic ones.

Also America now has some dating clubs, specifically for people to mingle through playing boardgames!!! There’s “Game Night Out” which sounds kinda like speed-dating with boardgames, and the “PlayDate” franchised-community which encourages everyone, not just singles, to come along and have fun.

Delightfully PlayDate says:

The guests vary in age, ethnicity, profession, and social background yet the games provide an avenue for strangers to become acquainted without the usual awkwardness associated with meeting someone new. The casual environment creates an atmosphere conducive to mingling, networking, relaxing and having FUN.

That’s precisely my aim for Cafe Games as well. Who knows, perhaps down the track we’ll turn into a franchise of PlayDate?

Lastly, for lovers of psychological games (or just the psychopathic manipulators out there) here are some neat suggestions for how to convince people that you’re honest. It’s supposed to be for the great game “Are You The Traitor?” – but if you choose to use these devious techniques in real life … well, I take no responsibility …

…Your main concern as the Good Wizard is to convince the Adventuring group that you are, in fact, the Good Wizard. This is done mainly by acting calm, relaxed, and assured in your assertions that you are Good…

(And just the same if you’re the Eeeevil Wizard!!!)

I hope you all had a great break over the Xmas/New Year period, and had fun playing games with family and friends?

Irene’s already been telling me about the fun she had playing “Killer Bunnies“. Feel free to tell your stories all in the comments below!

I didn’t get much game-playing in during the break, apart from some
great teamwork in Pandemic, a round of Cloud 9 with rellies, and a few
hands of the classic Italian card game Scopa in a greasy-spoon diner
perched on a hill, lost somewhere in rural Victoria…

It will be great catching up again for some games! Check the Calendar for details of our next upcoming events, first a regular Cafe Games on Sat 16th Jan, and then a 500 Cards Night on Thurs 28th Jan!


2 Responses to “Executive Boardgames, and Other Curiosities”

  1. gameshepherd July 13, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

    I’m a little late finding your group, but I hope you are still meeting and enjoying board games. There’s nothing else quite like it. If I ever find myself down your way, I’d love to stop by for a game day.

    All the best and happy gaming.

    • Christopher July 14, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

      Yes thanks, GS, we’re doing better and better. Unfortunately games aren’t as popular over here as in America, but we hope to raise the profile! Good luck with your games shop!

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