What Games?

Cranium Jr @ Cafe Games Board game club

At Cafe Games, we mainly play light, social games. Yes, I know “real” boardgames clubs look down at these, but we have fun, so … nyer! 😛

(Actually we do play more strategic boardgames when we feel like it)

We don’t have a boardgames library – we rely on people to bring their own games. You should at least have a pack of cards – or buy some boardgames?

[TEAM] = Games where you’ll be on a team
[FREE] = Free games – at the most require ordinary playing cards or dice. Learn these, and you can play them anywhere
[CARD] = card games, only ordinary playing cards if also [FREE]
[TRAD] = traditional games, played for > 100 years
[PSY] = Psychological games. Rarely have a board or pieces. Talk to people and work out who is lying.

All The Time

  • Perpetual Commotion:[CARD] Easy. No turns. Play your cards the fastest!
  • Werewolf: [FREE][PSY] For 10-20 ppl. Who is killing off your fellow “villagers”? Can you spot liars? Can you lie?


  • Scrabble:[TRAD] Use letter tiles to make interlocking words
  • Cranium: [TEAM] Pictionary + Taboo + Charades + Trivial Pursuit
  • Cloud 9: Bet how far the balloon will go before crashing
  • Five-Hundred: [FREE][TEAM][CARD][TRAD] Strategic, clever, easy to learn, popular
  • Fluxx:[CARD] silly game where the rules keep changing. Fun!
  • Bang!:[CARD] Wild West “shoot-em-up”. Who’s on your side?
  • Uno Attack:[CARD] Uno but a machine throws the cards at you!
  • Sitting Ducks Gallery:[CARD] Shoot at cartoon ducks, but protect yours!
  • Tipayatung: Complete the sayings, songs or film quotes


  • Are You The Traitor? [PSY] Who will betray you to the Evil Wizard?
  • Covert Action: [PSY] Secret identities. Who’s your target? Who’s a mole?
  • Masters & Slaves: [FREE][CARD] Simple, with an unfair twist
  • Up & Down The River: [FREE][CARD] Win exactly the right number of card “tricks”
  • Cluedo: Use logic to find all the murder clues in a mansion
  • Sorry!:
  • Crazy Eights: [FREE][CARD]
  • Family Business:[CARD] Mob families making deals, and “hits”
  • Pictionary: [TEAM] Guess a word from clues drawn on paper
  • Risk: Attack, defend, strategically take over the world with your armies
  • Pandemic: [TEAM] Work together to cure diseases spreading around the world
  • Zombie Fluxx:[CARD] Fluxx, but now undead hoards roam the table
  • Monty Python Fluxx:[CARD] Fluxx, but you’ll be singing, and quoting!
  • Circular Snap: [FREE][CARD] Like Snap but keep your wits about you 🙂
  • Uno:[CARD] Simple well-known game – draw two! draw four! wild!
  • Give Me The Brain:[CARD] Very silly – squabbling zombies
  • Rummikub: Make sets of number tiles, and go out first
  • Taboo: [TEAM] Describe a word without using forbidden words
  • Outburst: [TEAM] List items that match topics
  • Cockroach Poker: [PSY][CARD] You get given bugs if you can’t tell who is lying
  • Dixit: [CARD] One cryptic comment. Six weird pictures. Which one is it?
  • Poison: [CARD] Throw potions and poisons into cauldrons but they might boil over
  • Billionaire: [CARD] Swap cards quickly trying to collect a set, avoid the Taxman!

Have Played

  • Settlers of Catan: Gather harvests and compete to colonise an island
  • Carcassone: take turns using tiles to make a medieval map to conquer
  • Gloom:[CARD] build up the most depressing life stories!
  • Masterpiece: buy and sell famous paintings for profit
  • Canasta: [FREE][TEAM][CARD] Race to get the most sets of cards
  • Men from Mars, Women from Venus: [TEAM] Who understands Women? Or Men?
  • Liars Dice: [FREE] Bet on the results of a secret dice roll
  • Would You Rather?: Predict your friends’ responses to tricky choices
  • The Resistance: [FREE][CARD][PSY] Who to trust with the plans? Who is a spy?
  • Gem Dealer:[CARD] Win auctions for beautiful gems
  • Guillotine:[CARD] Compete to execute the most despised aristocrats
  • Chess:[TRAD] 2 person strategy game, pawns, castles – you know!
  • Backgammon:[TRAD] 2 person “race” – kick out the other player!
  • Mystery of the Abbey: Expert-level Cluedo. Who killed the monk?
  • Kill Doctor Lucky: Cluedo “prequel”, kill the Dr without being seen
  • Scopa: [FREE][CARD][TRAD] Simple Italian card game of matching cards
  • Trivial Pursuit: answer trivia from a range of categories
  • Quiddler:[CARD] build words from letter cards you’re dealt
  • Mahjong: [TRAD] A Chinese classic. Build sequences of tiles, like Rummy
  • Tobago: Tropical island treasure hunting. Colourful and strategic!
  • Killer Bunnies & Quest For The Magic Carrot:[CARD] Cartoon mayhem
  • Cribbage:[CARD][TRAD] Old card game involving a scoring board
  • Red November: Dwarves aboard a sinking submarine
  • Spy Alley: Who is who? Try to get what you need before being identified
  • Pictionaussie: Pictionary but guess the Aussie-themed drawings
  • Motus – Words in Motion: Race to collect most letters, then make words
  • Mao (aka Mau-Mau): [FREE][CARD] Like Uno, but the rules are secret.
  • Scrabble Trickster: Sometimes lets you break the rules!
  • Phase 10: [CARD] Find the cards to build your rummy sets and climb the ladder
  • Acquire: If you’re the boss, you’ll do well when your company gets taken over
  • Bluff:
  • Puerto Rico: Strategically develop your island nation and sell your crops
  • Qwirkle: Scrabble without words – tactically place your coloured shapes
  • Primordial Soup: tribes of amoeba evolve and fight for survival
  • Greed: Keep rolling dice for more points, but take care!
  • Ghost Stories:[TEAM] Chinese monks band together to fight off demons

(These are some of the boardgames we play at “Cafe Games” Melbourne Boardgames Club)

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