Who Comes?

These days we get between 80 and 140 people, often restricted by the size of a particular venue.
A suprising mix of girls and guys.

Uniquely, Cafe Games gets a lot of “non gamers” – people who don’t often play board games of any kind – they’re just looking to have a relaxed social time 🙂

People of all nations & cultures welcome. Boardgames have the power to build bridges across all borders! Gay/LGBT friendly.

Can I bring my kids?

Nothing against children, but it’s an adults social event.
Playing boardgames with children would be a very different experience to playing with adults. Sorry!

So far the age range has been about 20 to 60.

Lots of the attendees come from the boardgames group on Meetup.com but many are not! Casual walk-ups welcome!

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