Still at the Celtic for now!

9 Jun

Well, I don’t have a good replacement venue yet for Cafe Games, so I’m still open to suggestions (in the CBD, serve food). But in the meantime, they haven’t torn down the Celtic Club yet! We’ve managed to get a couple of months reprieve. These photos of the games we played in May might be nostalgia down the track! Remember to tag your friends in them!

Red 7 – colourful, quick and with a dollop of cleverness!

Good Cop, Bad Cop … just because you’ve seen this cop’s good side, can you be sure he’s not also taking money from the mob? This hidden role card game is a bit different from the usual as your “role” is based on the three good/bad cards facedown in front of you. People can find out what some of the cards are, but merely seeing one isn’t enough – it’s the majority of the cards that determines which team you’re on. Work out who is who and go gunning for the leader of the other team!!!

Codenames still popular!!

Chronology – you don’t have to be a famous scientist to know a little bit about the history of time! A light card trivia game!

Haha The Logo Game is such a light refreshing break between games … I love the jovial “gameshow” feel from this Aussie nostalgia game.

Onitama – quaint from the moment where you literally unroll the board. It seems a bit like chess, except if you move one of your pieces a certain way, you can’t do that kind of move again until your opponent has done the same kind of move.

Battle Sheep – a more conservative set of pastures than last month!

Technically it’s an abstract cooperative card game … but you wouldn’t want the theme to come out too strongly … in The Grizzled you’re a group of friends tragically conscripted into World War I. As you cower in the cold muck of the trenches, you don’t really care who will win the war … you just want to survive to leave at the end.

Now that I think about it … it’s a little like that game “The Game” that so many of you seemed to enjoy (I didn’t). Both of them are cooperative games where you’re not allowed to discuss the cards in your hands. You’re going to have to pick the right times to play them.

Can’t Stop from designer Sid Sackson, who brought us the memorable Acquire and I’m The Boss!. Here you’re playing with a stop sign and lots of little “witches hats” (traffic cones). It’s a light push-your-luck game like Greed and Farkle… sometimes it just all seems so easy … you’ll win roll after roll … so you might as well keep going, right? Makes sense until suddenly you lose everything because you just couldn’t stop!

Burger Up! (Australian) I’d say this card game has to be a modern classic. Such a delightful art to making hamburgers! Beef, tomato, lettuce, swiss cheese and mustard? What about egg? Pickles? Chicken? Veggie patties? BACON? AVO? The bigger burgers could get you more money, but if you take too long perfecting yours, the customer will get bored and buy someone else’s instead!

I’m definitely going to have to try this one at some stage – apparently Diamonds is a trick taking card game like the popular Five-Hundred, Hearts, Bridge or my favourite Up and Down The River (aka Oh Hell), except there are no trump suits and if you can’t play cards following the suit, you get to take special actions! You get red and white diamonds you see on the table!

Oh, Blokus 3 player? I’ve heard it’s not a good idea to play this boardgame with anything other than 2 or 4 players. Maybe because 3 players will not be symmetrical? Here it looks like yellow got the short end of the stick and got trapped in his corner. How did you guys find it?

You may have seen we sometimes have a similar game Gemblo where the board and pieces are all based on hexagons … that can play fine with 2, 3 and 4 … but gets a bit stuck at 5 … 6 is fine!

I haven’t played it yet, but fans and new players seem to speak quite highly of the independently published underwear game “Panty Snatchers”. After a few months, Randall  brought along his friends who produces the game (in red).

Pandemic: The Reign of Cthulhu – it’s the supernatural horror remake of Pandemic. Instead of diseases building up around the place, it’s now groups of demon cult-followers and blob-like monstrosities called Shoggoths who crawl about the board. Sometimes they make the players characters lose Sanity and instead of disease outbreaks they occasionally summon evil gods from before time… meanwhile the player characters ride around on buses between a series of picturesque sounding locations in 4 adjacent towns (the 4 colours)!

Fury of Dracula. I hear this is a “hide n seek” game like Scotland Yard or Letters from Whitechapel … looks a great map of Europe with its shades of rusty brown – Dracula is trying to escape the Vampire Hunters … Had to restrain myself from photoshopping fangs onto that mouth 😉

Carcassonne!! Delightful to see that this “competitive map making” game is still getting around! A landscape of green pastures and long roads winding around walled towns and isolated monasteries…

Agricola. Naturally. It’s farming. Plan carefully.

Giving Liberté a try. That’s a colourful map of France and you’re trying to steer the French Revolution to your benefit by influencing regional elections.

Looks complex at first, but after someone has decoded the rules, it turns out to be surprisingly straightforward. 🙂 Will try again in June!

Sagrada … building abstract stained glass windows using colourful transparent dice.

Ridiculous block stacking … it must be Bausack!

Racing your car around the track… you need to take care getting around the corners and don’t crash into anyone else! Formula D! Do you see, everyone gets their own little “gear box”? And “grinding the gears” is a thing!
(NB: even though such a track would probably take seconds in real life, here it will take about an hour to get around the track as you have to take turns to move each of your cars a short distance)

Chinese” “Checkers” aka “Star Halma” … such a pretty and cleverly compact game for up to six players.

See You This Weekend!!

Same time and place – Saturday from 12 midday to 11pm at the Celtic Club.

If you’re new or shy, my recommendation is to come near the start of the day – it’s easier and more social that way! I’m also very happy to teach you lots of different games, or give recommendations!

~ Christopher


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