Not dead! Alive and kicking!

7 Jul

Yes, rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated!! Another epic games day was had in our usual location of The Celtic Club! It was such a busy day with many games in such high demand that people had to wait until later! At one stage three separate groups of romantics wanted to play Marrying Mr Darcy! There’s only so much Darcy to go around!!!

You can see our terribly unscientific poll about which games were played here on Facebook(Somehow I doubt someone was all by themselves when they played Letters to Whitechapel, Good Cop/Bad Cop or the big group game Off Ya Rocker)

Glad to see that Bananagrams has become such a firm favourite, thought I’m not really so happy at some of the ridiculous words people insist are legal Scrabble words. QI? ZA? ET? MAS? QUANGO?

Chronology – take a trip through time and trivia! Wow, it can take up to 8 players? That’s pretty impressive for this sort of game.

Taboo – the classic “unspeakable” game where there are certain things you need your team to guess without you being able to say!

The Big Book of Madness. Because telling bored novice wizards not to open the mysterious book in the library has always worked out well ….

Randal’s Tumblin’ Dice, now covered with our photographs from Cafe Games!

Concept. I don’t really get the attraction of this game. Even fans say that you should ignore the rules about teams and scoring. Maybe this game works better with experienced players who are more familiar with which icons are available on the clues sheet, and the different ways they can be interpreted when the clue giver is using them to give hints about their secret word or title.

I never realised it before, but Hedbanz fits into the same category of “shared secret” games as Off Your Rocker and I guess Spyfall – where everyone knows a secret that one of the players doesn’t. It feels good to be “in” on a shared joke. Obviously, and nicely, in Hedbanz everyone gets to be “in” on a heap of shared secrets, but is in the dark when it comes to what everyone else knows about their “true identity”.
Here we have (L-R) carrot, salon, baseball, garter and taxi.

A black version of Mahjong? Surely that’s not so normal? I guess like cards, Mahjong pieces are normally white, like this:


Evolution “the original”. A weird and wonderful menagerie of animals gather around The Watering Hole. It’s a lush oasis of delicious plants where everyone can eat their fill …. but then someone gets greedy, there are shortages … and all of a sudden the creatures are squabbling and evolving ways to grab more than everyone else – someone’s going to miss out and start dying off! But then one creature realises – instead of trying to compete with the other creatures for the limited food, why not eat them instead! Welcome the predator!

Blood Rage! From what I hear, a *VERY* highly rated Viking game that came out within the last year. The Viking Afterlife is Valhalla, and you can only earn a place there by taking part in glorious battles, even better if you died fighting.

Letters From Whitechapel – yes Doug, you’d better check those rules – you’re playing the elusive Jack the Ripper – you’re on your own – all the other players will be helping each other – working together against you!!! But then again, you *are* a twisted serial killer, so that’s kinda fair enough!

Sagrada – building beautiful stained glass windows – competitively … see a CLOSE UP in last month’s blog post. Interestingly enough here’s a review of the game by an actual stained glass worker … he’s a bit perplexed about the lack of bloody fingerprints, seems it’s part of the job!

Six players playing 3 player Settlers of Catan. A tutorial game, or just high stakes?

Evolution: Climate … if it’s not enough to worry about finding enough food to keep from starving and avoiding predators, now the environment is out to get you as well!! It’s interesting and subtle … you can play some “safe” games where the weather is quite mild, but players can influence the weather, so all sorts of devastating effects like Bushfire can occur if you relax. Time to evolve Heavy Fur or Mud Wallowing? Or perhaps just ride things out by Burrowing or Migrating?

Betrayal at House on the Hill – don’t go into the creeeeeepy old house … all sorts of weird paranormal things are going on inside … and worst of all – one of your friends will suddenly turn on you. What’s their story? Who are they really? You’ll find yourself in the middle of one of over 50 different stories, fighting to escape the house and your Eeeeevil friend. (See in the middle of the table a little white figure is timidly exploring the square rooms of one level of the house)

Did you know? “House on the Hill” is supposed to be the *name* of the place you’re investigating – a rip off of “Hill House”, a spooky house in an old horror movie …ooooooh!

See you soon!

See you on Saturday – “same Bat time, same Bat place!” Yes we haven’t moved to a new location yet, but we’ve got both July 8 and August 12 at the Celtic Club still.

Still keep your thinking caps on, I’m very happy to hear any suggestions for our new location. Keep in mind that I want it to be a restaurant venue that can seat at least 120 people.

I hope to play a game with you soon!
~ Christopher

… PS: remember you can click on these photos to Like them or tag your friends in them, in case they hadn’t noticed!


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