Celtic Capers (May)

14 Jun

Cafe Games’ big May event took a strangely Irish turn when we encamped in a large function room at the Melbourne Celtic Club. So much room that we could gather our Werewolf circle without needing to move people out of the way! The staff were doubtful we’d be there all day, but we showed them! 🙂 

Scrabble Trickster Boardgame @ Cafe Games

Linh introducing folks to Scrabble Trickster. But Linh: remember players have to win the right to look at the “valid 2 letter words” cheat card, it’s not for everyone!

Greed dice game @ Cafe Games boardgames club
While playing Greed, Charles discovered that the dice don’t favour everyone equally. They were positively mean to him, not letting him onto the scoreboard for many turns!

Qwirkle @ Cafe Games boardgames
At first glance Qwirkle looks like a colourful “shapes” game for toddlers, but many Cafe Gamers have found it to be a clever Scrabble-like game offering all sorts of angles for strategy. It’s also one of the three games nominated for the 2011 “Spiel des Jahres” – Germany’s famous “Game of the Year” award.

Also nominated are Pandemic’s little sister “Forbidden Island” where you have to work together to retrieve 4 treasures from a sinking island, and “Asara” where you’re mediaeval architects trying to build the best towers.

Through the looking glass! 😛
Cockroach Poker @ Cafe Games boardgames club
Trying to trick each other into collecting creepy crawlies in “Cockroach Poker
Dixit @ Cafe Games boardgames club
Dixit! Wooden rabbits hopping around a pond are probably the least surreal part of this popular artistic game where letters fall like rain, drops of water contain whole islands, and a sea shell is a jail … I’m sure the cider helps!Qwirkle @ Cafe Games boardgames
Scrabble players trying out Qwirkle!
Nuns on the run boardgame @ Cafe Games
Corey instructs “Nuns on the Run” – cheeky novice nuns running around an abbey after lights out, trying not to get caught by the stern Abbess and Prioress.
Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame @ Cafe Games
Half way through their exploration of the haunted house, Paul turns evil, to the horror of his former team-mates, now his fleeing victims. “Betrayal at House on the Hill” … I’ll get you my pretties!!!

Cash n Guns game @ Cafe Games club
Do you feel lucky punk??? “Cash n Guns
Colossal Arena @ Cafe Games club
Colossal Arena apparently 🙂
Pandemic boardgame @ Cafe Games
“Intro to Saving the World 101” … Dina teaches Pandemic .
Bananagrams @ Cafe Games boardgames club
Bananagrams (aka Speed Scrabble)
Mexican Train Dominoes @ Cafe Games club
Mexican Train Dominoes

Epic “Uno Stacko” challenge

Uno Stacko Jenga @ Cafe Games Boardgames

Power Grid boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Luke plans to dominate Europe with his Electric Company (Power Grid)
Werewolf @ Cafe Games club
Werewolf!! Michael takes a stand against the Werewolf menace.
Werewolf @ Cafe Games club
After several bloody murders, the suspicion of the surviving villagers falls on the two friendly French newcomers who are forced to account for themselves. Don’t feel too sorry for them … they were indeed werewolves!
Cranium @ Cafe Games
Cranium time!!!

Bone Wars game @ Cafe Games club
Recreating the notorious American “Dinosaur Bone Rush” (like a Gold Rush!) of the late 19th Century. If you can’t dig up any dinosaur bones, steal some from other collectors, and join them together to make skeletons for display in your museum, doesn’t even really matter if they’re from different animals (unless the others can prove you wrong!) It’s BONE WARS!

Close up:

Scattegories @ Cafe Games boardgames club
Great Fire of London boardgame @ Cafe Games club
“London’s burning, London’s burning, fetch the engines, fetch the engines, FIRE, FIRE!!” Power and manipulation during the Great Fire of London
Qwirkle @ Cafe Games boardgames

Werewolf Night

Werewolf @ Cafe Games club
David (on the right) trying to plead his innocence to much suspicion and mirth.
Werewolf @ Cafe Games club
Michael (left) feels the heat of interrogation, while Monique and Dina look on with suspicion. Gaby still can’t shake the feeling that David has pulled a fast one. Ben (centre) knows his days are numbered – he always seems suspicious!
Werewolf @ Cafe Games club
Christopher leading the choir in a song …. no not really … actually giving instructions for the new version of Werewolf!

3D Pictures of the Games Day

Rather than just link to the slideshow, here’s the best one, viewable without 3D glasses, using the Parallel “Magic Eye” trick.

3D Stereo image - Cafe Games club May

And if that worked for you let me know, here’s the March Cafe Games 3D Slideshow (if not showing images like above, use the 3D menu) (May 3D COMING SOON)


(Feel free to leave your own, but here are some already received)

  • Charles Harwood

    i enjoyed the BSB Day , especially playing Mahjong which i enjoy learning.I hope to play some more of this game with others who like to play it.
  • David

    I really did enjoy the Big Saturday Boardgames Day for May. It was great to meet up with familar faces again, play some games and enjoy some laughs. It was also pleased with the large turn out of people, who flowed in and out of the venue. I also managed to meet new people as well and played 2 new games I had not played before 🙂

2 Responses to “Celtic Capers (May)”

  1. MIchael June 14, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    That was a great games day! I really enjoyed how much space we had for games at the celtic club. Nice pictures Chris!

  2. Nikki June 16, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    Great pictures … almost feel like I was there – awesome array of games … will be back soon, maybe August?

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