Events Feedback!

If you attend Cafe Games as a member of or GetALife, I encourage you to leave ratings so that other people will see what a good time you’ve had, and will come along too!

MoniqueN “Great as usual except for those noisy Monopoly players, we should have had them kicked out. Looking forward to the next one. “
SammiJ “Great afternoon, thanks again Chris”
Sanguine “had a great time, nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. Look forward to attending agian.”
VickiK “Tons of fun with a great bunch of people. Thanks Christopher. You are the host with the most. I don’t know how you retain so much knowledge about so many games!”
LynnG “Great event. I had fun. Thanks for organising it, Christopher.”
davoo123 “The board game activity is a great afternoon for playing a few games and having a good laugh. I always meet new and interesting people, learn some new games and get to play some old….Give it a go”
Suzanne61 “Great fun again thanks Chris”
AussieJ “Twice attended, twice the fun. Great way to spoil oneself with games once a month. Good food, great games and fun peeps. Am enjoying these events and look forward to more.”
PJPJ “Very relaxed atmosphere, good company!”
Reen75 “Tapas – good. Games – good. Alliances in Risk – priceless :)”
SammiJ “Again! Again! Awesome fun, thanks Chris.”
MoniqueN “I was involved in saving the world rather than taking it over but still a great night. Thanks for organizing it. “
daniel82 “As always great job chris :)”
AussieJ “Great tidy venue, especially having our ‘own’ alcove for the games. Enjoyed the night immensly, thanks heaps Chris”
beck999 “Really good fun. “
Handiman “Thanx Christpher, was fantastic time and I heard it went quite late, missed out sorry I had to go so early. Regards Matt.”
AussieJ “Awesome fun day Chris. A great group of people for a day full of nothing but competitive fun. Food was spectacular, but then I dig this sort of food anyway. It was also good to watch people get stuck in that ‘one bad beanbag!’ (including me)”
at102 “I had a great time. Chris thanks for organizing. Angelos”
VickiK “Thanks Christopher for organizing this activity. It really took me back to my childhood,when life was all about games and mucking around. Count me in for the next one.”
Reen75 “Finally, a win at pandemic. Woo hoo!”
limchinpeng “Thanks for an interesting afternoon.”
Ding “Had heaps of fun – thanks Christopher – and yes please organise more events”
Leah_14 “Thanks Chris for organizing such a fun afternoon! A great way to meet people and enjoy the world of games again.”
Julia L “super chilled super afternoon 🙂 “
dweezle “Pictionary and werewolf – what a way to spend an afternoon”
risch “Another good activity organised by Christopher”
Rodney! “Thanks Christopher. A fun filled night.”
Handiman “Had great fun so lets do it again and again. Looking forward to more of the same. Handiman”
dweezle “Thanks everyone for the great games – specially to Christopher for explaining the game multiple times :)”
risch “Thank you Chris, I had a great time, love it, will come agian, thnx.”
seg “Again, a fun time with lovely people. Thanks Christopher. See you again soon at the next one. Susann”
Handiman “Thanx Christopher, had a great time with an interesting crowd and an interesting selection of game. I hope to join in on the next one Regards Handiman.”
daniel82 “Lots of fun and new games as always thank you.”
G’day Y’all “Lots of fun. Great games and company. Thanks for organising, Christopher.”
Suzanne61 “Thanks for a fun and challenging night. “
jettburnett “A really fun night playing cranium”
jdfolino “”
Suzanne61 “Great fun again. Thankyou”
Sally~twoshoes “Thanks everyone!”
Reen75 “Can’t believe I killed the world.. again!”
MoniqueN “I got absolutely hammered at Monopoly, but it was still a good day.”
Selfsoul “The event was fun and enjoyable. The wolf game was awesome – Thanks Chris.”
dianne2di4 “thanks christopher – sorry I had to run-away early..”
Ilze “It was, as always, very relaxing and sociable. I had so many laughs. Thank you Christopher”
Lyn04 “Great day as always and learnt to play a new game. “
Suzanne61 “Had a fun time. Thank you Chris for organizing this event. “
The_Miss_Di “great fun”
dweezle “Superbly entertaining competitions … great event!”
tontomac “An enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.”
daniel82 “lots of fun, thanks chris for going to the effort.”
ginnyp “An excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, great choice of games, tasty food and Chris is a wonderful games master! I’ll definitely be back.”
charlz82 “Had a great time, lovely people. However I couldnt hang around any longer as the smell of the food was making me ill :-S”
dweezle “Thanks for a very enjoyable games session :)”
limchinpeng “thanks! nice to know more games..”
heike “Fun filled evening! Thank you Christopher! “
Ilze “Fantastic venue. Great fun. Wish I could have stayed longer”
Pocket-Rocket “Great !”
dweezle “Great to learn this game again with beginners and experienced players – sorry I had to leave early!”
cel “Great fun thanjs Chris!”
julia “great day had by all”
cel “Another good one!”
LynnG “I learnt another fun board game. Thanks, Christopher.”
dweezle “Awesome fun … thanks for the prizes – look forward to an actual picnic games in 2010”
Kitmeow “fantastic fun as always. Thanks!!”
Amagirl “As usual, a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for orgainising Chris. – Amanda”
LynnG “Had a great time as always. Thanks for organising this event, Christopher. Appreciate it.”
tontomac “An enjoyable,relaxing Saturday afternoon.”
MoniqueN “Although it wasn’t as much fun getting there this month… Thanks for organizing it.”
Dark Horse “Great fun, as always! Thanks.”
colombo “This was my first time to attend and it was a very nice atmosphere, good place , laughing people and also a good food, looking forward to meet you all again , Islam “
kazzarazz09 “Good fun…thanks”
Lachlan “Really enjoyable, interactive and great day. Chris is excellent at including everyone involved & teaches new games in an entertaining way =) Two Thumbs up !! Werewolf is the best…so funny & engaging. Well done Christopher!! “
CoolSensation “I had a great time! Thanks for organising!”
Amagirl “Excellent fun afternoon”
bellesoleil “Always well done, Chris.”
Happyjacq “Sorry I couldn’t make it (those bloody bike riders)!!!! Looking forward to the next one as it’s a great day :-)”
Kitmeow “Awesome Fun!!”
7 “The games people play……….and what fun we had! The only down side was that I was a werewolf. Thanks to Christopher for organising the event.”
Patricia*** “Thanks Chris for organising.New games played and fun people around.”
Rotate “This was heaps of fun. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. :)”
Lyn04 “Lots of fun as always! Thanks Chris. “
MoniqueN “A fun day, looking forward to the next one… but I want to be a werewolf next time!”
Bekx “Great fun – thanks for organising this Christopher. Will see you next time.”
Happyjacq “Had a great day – it brought back memories of my childhood and playing games 🙂 Thanks Christopher.”
white peony “had a great time, as always”
maryc “Fantastic fun as usual”
tontomac “A very enjoyable afternoon and well organised by Chris”
Lyn04 “Lots of fun! “
dianne2di4 “Once again and excellent day – thanks”
Kitmeow “Fantastic as always!!”
Reen75 “Well organised, had a great time :)”
paulpeter980 “Good place to chill out,bit of a meal and drink and have fun and a laugh over a game…thx for the laughs”
Amagirl “Great afternoon. Will look forward to the next one.”
Sunshyne* “Thanks heaps and fab to meet everyone! Grat event. Really enjoyed the big group games – starts a bit of conversation and interaction! See you again! ;0)”
Patricia*** “It was fun, thanks Chris for organising!!!”
Kitmeow “Awesome as always!!”
white peony “best fun i’ve had in ages!”
naive (Al) “Great time trying games I’ve never played before. Really fun playing Werewolf with such a big group too.”
Cori “Great day, Christopher! I just hope next time everyone believes me when I say I’m NOT a werewolf ;-)…”
dianne2di4 “Fantastic event, everyone was incredibly friendly and what a great way to spend a cold, wet day, so much better than a doona and bad movies on your own.. Thanks Christopher, lovely meeting you and all the other GAL members. Di (2di4)”
Amagirl “Had a great afternoon. Looking forward to the next one.”
LynnG “A great and fun way to spend a Sat afternoon. Thanks for organising this monthly event, Christopher!”
tontomac “Well organised.A fun and relaxing Saturday afternoon.Thanks Chris.”
Dark Horse “Great day – enjoyed myself immensely. Friendly atmosphere.”
Reen75 “Heaps of fun, thanks!”
heartland “Fun as always. Enjoyed meeting new people and we laughed a ton.”
Gill L “Fab way to spend an afternoon!”
LillyLilly “thanks!”
Kitmeow “A lot of fun, great venue, great company, great game!! Thanks!!”
naive (Al) “Thanks for sharing such a new and fun game to us”
cel “Excellent fun once again Chris – only issue was overcharged by the cafe despite voucher system(only $6, but still). I let it be a tip, though, since we were there all day!”
Amagirl “Excellent, well organized and a great afternoon. I was made to feel very welcome and I have already put my name down for the next one. “
Kitmeow “Lots of fun. Great Games, Great Venue, Great food!!”
jo_08 “Thanks Chris. A fun afternoon. Great venue and food too.”
Chellebelle “Good fun activity, lovely people, great afternoon, highly recommend. Thanks to Christopher for organizing.”
newzealandmade “Great food, great drinks, great afternoon!”
maryc “A relaxing fun way to meet lots of people. Very well organised and I felt really welcome”
Pandora1 “Another fun arvo with great people, games & food & the voucher system worked well!”
mixolydian “always great fun, thanks Chris”
Kekka “Loads of fun! Thanks Christopher. I must go buy Uno Attack!!”
Milli “Another fun afternoon. Thanks Christopher”
Sylvester “fun relaxing arvo, i – I hope to be the fortune teller in future warewolf games!”
LynnG “Great way to spend a Sat afternoon. It was fun as always.”
Pandora1 “Hi Christopher, it was a fantastic way to spend the arvo, I learnt 4 new games…looking forward to the next one. Cheers Bea”
Cori “Thanks, Christopher, and to all those who played Masterpiece with me! “
Paul04 “It was a challenge. The skill, the cut and thrust, the tears.”
LynnG “A great fun way of learning board games. The organiser certainly came prepared with a bag full of games. I was impressed. Well done, Christopher!”
Milli “Enjoyable evening. Thanks Christopher”
glendor “Great fun! “
lizsplace “Was a really fun night thanks. Great introduction to a GAL activity. Hopefully I will see you all again at another one of these things.”
Paul04 “It’s good, it’s fun, it’s cards.”
Smirk “well organised, good food, good company… and i even learned how to play 500”
dweezle “Fantastic reintroduction to 500 – great venue and company, thanks Chris”
bluepearl “This was my first Cafe Games. It was lots of fun and had a great atmosphere. Food was nice too.”
SeanO “Another great games day! Enjoyed trying the new venue. Thanks again.”
Kitmeow “MyCube was a nice change and as always a great afternoon – Thanks Christopher!!”
Milli “Good company. Good fun”
Paul04 “Thought Christopher did a good job of organizing and directing the event.”
Kitmeow “100% fun!! A great way to end Cafe Games for 2008. Thank you.”
Sunshine_Skiier “Great day … well organised and good fun !!! Thanks for organising !! “
SeanO “Best games night. Ever.”
corinne “fun event in great location.”
nessp “Good fun. Thanks heaps.”
bellesoleil “As always, it was a blast, Chris.”
Cotters “Why was i always the werewolf?”
SeanO “Had a great time, lots of fun. Will definitely be back for the next one!”
Kitmeow “Fantastic Fun as Always!!”
roscoe74 “A fun afternoon. Kudos to Myrrdin for creating a fun atmosphere and giving us a range of games to play. “
heartland “I will absolutely attend this event again! “
LynnieAnne “Really fun day……..Chris was great in explaining and organising the games. Lynnie”
LynnieAnne “Really fun day……..Chris was great in explaining and organising the games. Lynnie”
mhorriat “Great way to meet people while doing something you enjoy. Will definitely attend the next one!”
Patricia*** “Fun day and thanks Chris for organising. Great company as well!!!”
Marg(MPMOC) “Great Activity as per usual!”
bellesoleil “Well done Chris, as always!”
Kitmeow “As always it was awesome fun – Thanks Christopher for organising a great event yet again!!”
Ilze “Could not have asked for a better afternoon!”
Patricia*** “Thanks Christopher for my first games day, I thoroughly enjoyed it as well as the company. Great effort!!!!”
sjl “As always, lots of fun for all involved. Thanks!”
Kerrie. “What a great way to spend an afternoon. Food was great, wine was great, games were great even if I was ‘killed off’ early, accused of being a werewolf! Thanks Christopher.”
Kitmeow “Awesome as always!!!”
sjl “Apologies for my late arrival, but it was, as usual, a lot of fun.”
naive (Al) “great to try games that i’ve never even heard of before, but now i think i might be addicted to taboo!”
Sunshine_Skiier “What a brill event !! Really well organised, great host, great crowd, yummy food, fun games .. roll on the next one !! Thanks for organising !!”
Jesper “Excellent turnout. Huge variety of available games. Good atmosphere. Never a dull moment. Decent venue.”
mongers1 “Great Fun! Looking forward to the next one.”
bellesoleil “Well done, Chris.”
sjl “I couldn’t believe how quickly it flew – it seemed that we’d barely started, and the afternoon was over! Nice job, looking forward to the next one.”
gumnut “A great afternoon of game playing, can’t wait till next month.”
Kitmeow “Thanks for another great afternoon of fun and games. The wolf game was really good and i think that it would make a greater starter for next month.”
MelbourneNewbie “Great fun and a relaxed mix of games, socialising and good food.”
Kitmeow “Great Games and Fantastic Company. I will be back again next month!!”
sjl “Lots of fun. Looking forward to the next one.”

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