Excited to be back!

2 Feb

Wow back into the new year with a bang! So many people came – numbers steadily building through the Social Games section of the day, with well over 100 by the start of the “Any Games” half. At one stage we even had to scrounge extra chairs and tables from elsewhere in the venue! Tricky to get them past people already happily ensconced playing games! 🙂 I’m glad you guys had such a good time!

Ha! Dixit or Bananagrams? Different ideas of what they want the table to play 😉

If you haven’t played Bananagrams yet – you have to race to arrange the random letter tiles you’re given into a kind of crossword/Scrabble grid in front of you, but anytime anyone uses up all of their letters, everyone is given an extra one they need to place, and so on until all the letters are used up and whoever has all their letters placed (in correct words) wins!

Mysterium – Tam plays the silent ghost sending out mysterious clues about her killer in the form of surreal “Dixit” style dream cards. Can the gathered psychics solve the mystery?

It’s delightful how people have taken to Red 7, it looks simple but it’s a tricky little puzzle!

Interesting how the original Codenames is still such a firm favourite, beating out Codenames Pictures and Codenames Deep Undercover (adult). I’ve even seen Codenames Pictures set up on a table and then packed back up because the players spotted the words version. So glad that “party” games like this have so much popularity.

More Bananagrams!! Though I’ve only two photos here of this game, it was SOOO popular! There was only one set so as soon as it was put back into the games pile, someone else would take it out again! Is anyone else thinking of bringing their Bananagrams to the next event? Mind Games shop staff tell me that Bananagrams sells many times the amount of Scrabble sets sold.

I’d be interested to hear why you enjoy Bananagrams so much. Is it because you don’t have to wait for the other players to finish their turn? That as soon as you have a clever idea, you can put it into operation?

Game Designer Harold shows people how to play his unpublished card game Monsters Attack! You’re roaming through a dungeon filled with treasures and cute monsters – all illustrated by Harold himself!

Players of the old computer game Diablo will be delighted, that in Monsters Attack you can also find magical gems which can be attached to the  weapons! Pretty and functional!

The newly released “big” version of Citadels, with a row of tokens in the middle to remind you which of the various roles you’ve chosen to play with. (There are several options)
Citadels is a bit of a different angle on the usual “hidden roles” game. On your turn you reveal which role you have, and often who you’re going to steal from or assassinate, but you can only name the role, not the player, so you might get the wrong person!

Mysterium again. The intrigue!

Balderdash – writing secret answers. It’s like Dixit but with words. Can you pick the correct meaning of a weird word? And can you trick other people into picking your incorrect definition?

Click on the image for a bigger picture of Randall’s Tumblin’ Dice set. You can buy this game, but Randall decided to get crafty and make his own one. Roll the dice down the “staircase” and you’ll get more points the further it goes – but none if it rolls off – or if someone knocks it off! Great colourful dice Randall!

It was another very popular game, with a crowd standing around it for a long time!

Welcome aboard the Colt Express! Oh yeah and this is a holdup – give us all your money.

Starting to explore a haunted house in Betrayal at House on the Hill… technically you’re all friends, but at some stage, one of you will suddenly become the enemy and unleash terrors upon their former friends! So … maybe don’t get too relaxed …

I suppose Take 6 is a little like Red 7 … the cards look like a simple numbered set. But can you choose the right moments to play each one so you won’t be forced to pick up points?

Machi Koro – probably the easiest “city building” game. Choose carefully what to build in your city – you can’t predict the dice rolls, but you can make them work to your advantage!

Bang! One of the longest running modern “hidden role” card games. Still going strong, but now pimped-out with player mats and plastic bullets to count up life points.

Archaeology – digging through the sands of Egypt. You’ll get a lot of money if you sell a complete collection of artifacts to the museum, but is it worth trading in your collection of ancient pottery? And what if a sandstorm comes, will it blow everything away? Are you too greedy?

Pandemic “The Cure” – the dice game! On the left John has bottled up 4 samples of the Red Disease … will that be enough when he attempts to roll to make the cure?

Another new game from prolific designer Harold: Opposite Attraction. I haven’t played it yet but it seems to be an intriguing game of positive and negative electrical charge … and colourful crystals. Chatting to players afterward, they said it was lots of fun!

Blokus – always great to see this colourful Tetris-like game being played in the sun so that its colours really pop!

Chronology! I haven’t played this one yet and am intrigued why Chronology (published 1996) is now more popular than Timeline (pub 2010+) which has the same idea of players needing to successfully place historical events in chronological order. Perhaps it’s Chronology’s bright yellow cards, and very recognisable yellow box? Timeline has smaller boxes – actually tins – in a few different varieties. Perhaps too much variety!

(BTW, we found a copy of the rules after the event finished. Please see me if it was yours)

Nope not Bananagrams again, it’s Rummikub – closer to a card game than a Scrabble game!

Suggestions for a new venue?

The Poll

If you did come along to Cafe Games in January, did you mark down which games you played on our Facebook poll? It’s easy to see that Bananagrams won out, but I have a feeling that only a small number voted – I’d expect the results to be *at least* 4 times as much! (Many of the games only had one vote – they didn’t play by themselves!) AND I don’t see many of the strategy games there?

See You Soon!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Cafe Games this Saturday (4th Feb).
Bring spare copies of Bananagrams!!

~ Christopher


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