Good to see you too!

13 Feb

Everyone seemed pretty enthusiastic to be back at Cafe Games for the first time in 2015 … or maybe just so many of you are keen to pose for photos :-) It’s always a bit unusual (interesting!) to be in a special different venue just for January – The friendly Bull and Bear Tavern (but remember it’s just for January!)

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Summertime Picnic! …with Games

9 Jan

Wow, how idyllic was December? Lovely long sunny days with never a drop of rain – perfect for our end of year games picnic in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens…

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From Retro Games to Hardcore Modern Boardgames

7 Nov

Amusing to play some retro board games. We could probably debate whether they’re real games or just toys, but there’s still some fun as well as the nostalgia :-)

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Shiny Baubles and Missing Pieces

10 Oct

Another nice relaxed Cafe Games day was held in September … apparently there was yet another comic/scifi/pop culture convention on again, but we had a great turnout anyway…

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Games Last Month

13 Sep

Wow, it’s been a long month, I bet you’re keen to get back into some games today!! Here’s a few glimpses of what went down last month, in August:

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Way back when …

11 Jul

Sorry, I’ve been very busy the last couple of months, haven’t had much time, but better late than never eh? Here’s a little taste of the hijinks that went on in … not the June Cafe Games but the May Cafe Games. (yep – sometime soon there will need to be a double blog update!)

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Cafe Games – not Supernova

9 May

Apparently this weekend we clashed with the Supernova anime/sci-fi convention. You’d think they’d be more careful picking dates, but we’re sorry if they took a hit because of us. Turns out there’s a lot of geeky overlap between our members and Supernova fans! We had lots of fun anyway…. despite there being no cosplay. It’s not banned you know :-P

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Nerves of Steel!

12 Apr

An instructional message from our Cafe Games day in March …

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Lots of Colours!!

7 Mar

A quick smattering of photos from February’s Cafe Games Day…

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Back to the Bull & Bear!

7 Feb

All back and refreshed for a wonderful new year of board games! So many people that we were quite squished into our traditional January venue, the friendly Bull & Bear tavern! (Turns out they were running two other events at the same time!)

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