Too Busy Playing!

8 Nov

Haha … when I looked at my camera after Cafe Games last month, I realised I’d been too busy playing board games to remember to take photos! I didn’t even get photos of the games I’d been playing like 7 Wonders, Formula Motor Racing, Pairs, Cockroach Poker, Bohnanza…

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Chopping and Changing

17 Oct

Thanks for bearing with us folks … it’s been a little convoluted the last couple of months with Cafe Games bumped due to scheduling at our venue and for other reasons, but it should be back to normal now for November and the Picnic in December and so on…

But for now, here’s what you were playing in September! Remember way back then? Continue reading

Games Party!!

20 Sep

Eek such a big break between events! After roaming the world, I can’t wait to see you all at Cafe Games this weekend! What do you want to play?

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Not Just Bananagrams

9 Aug

Okay, so I do often post lots of pictures of folks playing Bananagrams 😀 – it does seem to be consistently one of the most popular games at Cafe Games! Although it was very popular again this month, I’ll skip those pictures to give the others a go 🙂

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I’ve missed you!

12 Jul

Huh, it feels like so long since last Cafe Games! What have you been up to? Played any interesting new games? Are you going to bring them along to Cafe Games? 😉

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Friends and Enemies!

7 Jun

Introducing a delightful group of new friends to some great modern board games.

We had a wonderful time in May!

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Games Last Month (April!)

10 May

Hey there, yes I know I’ve missed a month or two with this blog, but you can still go back and see the photos from each event on our Cafe Games Facebook page!

We’re still having great fun playing cards and boardgames at the Hawthorn Hotel, as you can see… Continue reading

Back in 2019!

8 Feb

Yikes! It’s 2019??? Who would have thought we’d make it to our 11th year! 2018 sure was turbulent! These days we’re meeting in the Hawthorn Hotel, a cosy little place very close to Glenferrie and Auburn train stations. 🚂 Maybe one day we’ll be back in the city, but I’ll need to do a lot of work to make that happen.


In the meantime, we’re having a great time, playing lots of fun games 🙂
According to the poll after the January Cafe Games, the top 3 games played were Bananagrams, Decrypto and Codenames Pictures! Definitely quite popular games, but I also noticed that lots of people claimed to have played some games by themselves, like The Resistance, Were-words and The Climbers … so … I guess not everyone responds… 😛

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Fotos From Feb

9 Mar

Seems like February Cafe Games at the Royal Melbourne Hotel was so long ago – what a difference an extra week makes!!

Articulate – either Darryl Continue reading

Welcome to 2018!

2 Feb

Ha! Back to the Royal Melbourne Hotel in force! Seems everyone was pretty keen to catch up and play some games together after the Christmas holidays. Even got a few rave reviews!

Good Cop Bad Cop … an intriguing twist on the “hidden” roles games like Resistance. You each have 3 cards that add together to make up your role. Other players can peek at individual cards, but might get the wrong idea as the Good Cops might have some bad cards, and the criminals might have some good cards…
(The sci-fi retheme of this is Leaders of Euphoria)

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