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The Criminal Element with Randall, Breanna & Rebecca

7 Oct


Here’s what went on at the last Cafe Games, but also a new idea – you get to meet three of the Cafe Games regulars, Randall, Breanna and Rebecca … Continue reading


Moar photos!!

9 Sep

Photo time!!! As you can see we’ve got a bunch of photos from Cafe Games day in August, just in time to get you excited for Cafe Games September this weekend!!! Continue reading

Games Everywhere!

12 Feb

These events start softly at first, but at our peak we had such a large excitable crowd that we ran out of space and tables!! I guess that’s being a victim of your own success! Make sure you come early to get good seats.

Continue reading

November: Husbands and Codes?

11 Dec

After having videos for the last two months, back to the old-skool style of having a stream of games photographs instead!

Five lovely young women seeking marriage, Continue reading

From 1927 – The Different Types of Game Players

7 Jun

What does the way you play games say about your personality? Maybe not much has changed since 1927 … Continue reading

Changes to Cafe Games (from September 2013)

9 Aug

Howdy Games Players!

I’m excited to announce a new innovation in the way I’m running my Café Games “big games day” events!

Starting with September’s Café Games, on Saturday 14th, the event will be split into two sessions.

Playing Pandemic at Cafe Games boardgames club

One of the sessions will run Continue reading

City Journal interviews Cafe Games

14 Sep

Student journalists from the RMIT “City Journal” newspaper  interviewed Christopher from Cafe Games: Continue reading

We Walk, You Play Games, They Get Help

11 Feb

We're raising funds for Oxfam

Cafe Games social club presents a


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Christmas & Holidays = Boardgames!

22 Dec

Don’t know gifts what to get people for Christmas? Get games – boardgames or card games, it’s all good.


Normally giving presents is all very sweet and altruistic. You carefully select a gift, present it to your friend and wish them hours of enjoyment, expecting never to hear of it again…

The clever thing (sneaky?) about giving boardgames is that your friends will need someone to play the game with … how about you? In a way it’s been a present to yourself as well … Continue reading

Sad News – MyCube Cafe

1 Nov

Unfortunately our favourite boardgames venue MyCube Cafe is being sold to new owners. Make sure you come along to our last event there, this Saturday 6th November (2010). (see the event details)

Over the years Cafe Games has been running , we’ve held our events in many cafes and restaurants, but Continue reading