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Reaching a Milestone! (June)

8 Jul

Wow, around 100 people joined us at Cafe Games at the Celtic Club in June! Was it the cold weather outside, or the news that we would have the fledgling Mahjong club with us? … Continue reading


Celtic Capers (May)

14 Jun

Cafe Games’ big May event took a strangely Irish turn when we encamped in a large function room at the Melbourne Celtic Club. So much room that we could gather our Werewolf circle without needing to move people out of the way! The staff were doubtful we’d be there all day, but we showed them! 🙂  Continue reading

Games at The Bull and Bear

12 May

Our search for a new home for Cafe Games, brought us to the surprisingly roomy Bull and Bear Tavern in Flinders Lane.

Some folks who haven’t come to Cafe Games before assume that they wouldn’t stay for long, that everyone will get bored in a couple of hours! Ha! In fact, most people who come to Cafe Games have such fun that they lose track of time! … Continue reading

March Mayhem

13 Apr

Well, turnouts are just getting bigger and bigger! How many did we have at the University Hotel on 19th March? 50? 55? We briefly had to run a couple of games downstairs as well!!! I think since our Oxfam Charity Boardgames Night we’ve really got the ball rolling!! How soon before we get 100? Continue reading

Amazing turnout!! Oxfam Charity Boardgames Night

9 Mar

Thank you all for helping to create such a great charity fundraiser for Oxfam Australia! Having 65 people was more than I hoped for, with lots of new faces and lots of old faces too… Continue reading

New Year, New Venue, New Friends!

20 Jan

It’s a bold new year, and everyone’s keen to get back into playing games. We have a big influx of new people too, excited to join in the fun… but we’re also sad because our favourite venue MyCube Boardgames Cafe has closed down! Luckily in its place we’ve managed to find the lovely University Hotel, just down the road in Lygon Street.

We were very tempted to stay sitting out on tables in the street – a great spot on a lovely sunny day, but gradually we moved upstairs… Continue reading

The Last Games Day @ MyCube

14 Nov

All good things must come to an end … as our favourite boardgames hangout MyCube Cafe was closing, we had to have one big last games day there. Naturally, we had an ace time … but can’t help wondering if we’ll ever find another venue that was as comfortable, welcoming and delicious… Continue reading

Scrabble Trickster = The End of the World?

6 Nov

Scrabble Trickster - Boardgame Cover

Ha! Scrabble Trickster! An invigorating new twist on a staid old boardgame, or a sad reflection on modern society? Continue reading

Anti Football 2010

4 Oct

Once again a small community of brave souls dared stand up against the social pressure to conform. We boardgame players joined forces with social members of the Anti Football League to welcome in the eagerly awaited “Non Football Season” at the delightfully exotic gastro-pub “North Fitzroy Star Hotel“, chosen because it did not have a television that would be tuned into the offensive sport. In the function room next to ours was a “hens party”, quiet for the most part but it became rowdy when they were visited by Elvis, and a whole lot of shakin’ went on. Perhaps we should have joined up with them as well? 🙂

Continue reading

October: Cranium, Carcassonne & Cards …

21 Oct

We had another great Games Day on Saturday, thanks to MyCube Cafe and you guys! Gave me a chance to try out some of my new boardgames!

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