Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop

15 Oct

Oh dear, I guess I’d heard Milsims Games store in Bentleigh was a bit of an independent boardgames shop with games you’d be unlikely to get in the more mainstream shops, but when I made the pilgrimage there, it was like Christmas time!! I might have bought one or two games …

… ah yep … just a few … and some of them can even be found in regular games shops.

If it makes it any better, four of them are expansions to other boardgames. But on the other hand, I only went there to buy one game worth $11 …

Here’s what they all are:

Gem Dealer

Okay, so I bought this game since I’m a sucker for gems, real or fake, and it comes with a pile of chunky, translucent “gems”. Oooh! The idea is that you’re dealers bidding in a gem auction, trying to outbid the other dealers and be first to get one of each colour gem. Looks pretty simple 🙂 (more info on BGG)


Back in the days of the French Revolution, there was no telly – the most fun was to go to the Guillotine and watch rich and famous people getting their heads chopped off. Every executioner wants to be the one feeling like a rock star as the crowd cheers for the head of a despised aristocrat. But watch out – other executioners might bribe the guards, or stage a riot, and before you know it you’ll be holding a boring head of a nobody – or worse – a Hero Of The People! (more info on BGG)

Covert Action

A sneaky, paranoid game, that might remind you of our popular game covspyWerewolf“, but with less people and possibly quicker. You’re divided into two rival spy teams, Red and Blue. Secretly (like Werewolf) everyone gets a spy role, but no-one knows who is who. Each team wants to get their “Sniper” to shoot the Sniper on the other team, but you don’t want to give it away to the other team, in case they feel certain enough to take the first shot. And beware … there may be a mole on your team … (more info on BGG)

Are You The Traitor?

I linked to a video about this the other day. A brand new “paranoia” game that’s a bit like Werewolf, but more like Covert Action (above). Whereas Covert Action is spy-themed, this one is more fantasy themed with good & evil wizards, a special key, and a treacherous traitor.


“Double-double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!” Become witches as you add (pretty) colourful potions into cauldrons, but take care what you do as you’ll eventually get one of them, and you don’t want the one with Poison in it. It’s a “numbers” card game. (more info on BGG)

Pandemic – On The Brink (Expansion)

A privileged few of you have played Pandemic with me. It’s a tough biohazardchallenge as you work together(!) , flying all over the world trying to halt deadly disease pandemics, always trying to think a few steps ahead. This expansion has a swag of new things including creepy new diseases with strange behaviour, and the possibility that one player is a bio-terrorist, actually spreading the disease. Oooh! (more info on BGG)

Gloom – Unwelcome Guests (expansion)

Also “Unhappy Homes” and “Unfortunate Expeditions“. I recall some of you were intrigued by the optional story-telling aspect of the game Gloom! For those who came in late, Gloom is the hyperchondriac’s delight, a card-based story-telling game in which you try to ensure your family of misfits lead the most comically unlucky, dismal lives and then die, while your opponents try to cheer them up. Each of these expansions brings a new morbid family, and there’s also: creepy houses with hidden tragic secrets, irritating guests who arrive and leave at just the wrong moments, and strange twists that change the game. (more info on BGG)

Ghost Stories

creepyI hope some of you have seen those crazy old “Chinese Ghost Story” or “Mr Vampire” movies with wisecracking, super-charged ghost-busting monks fighting off all sorts of bizarre creatures like hopping vampires, tree-demons, and floating, transparent maiden spirits? They’re not really horror, more like superhero shows. Think “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, “Shaolin Soccer” and even the old kitsch tv classic “Monkey Magic” (click it!!!).

Ghost Stories is a co-operative boardgame as up to four “super hero” monks run around trying to defend a town from increasing numbers of strange spirits and monsters leading up to the big baddie. It’s easy to get the gist of, but like Pandemic, pretty tough to win. To balance that out, it has bucketloads of theme with all sorts of ritual Chinese items, and although numerous, every monster has a different picture! I was excited to find this game since I’d heard it was out of print, I’d never seen it in normal shops! (more on BGG)



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