Cluedo – they’ve changed it???

15 Aug

Hi folks,
I’m sure many of you have played the classic game detective game Cluedo.

It was my favourite boardgame when I was a kid!

At Cafe Games the other day a few of us were perplexed by the Cluedo set that YouWu brought along. It looked quite different and had different rules. I don’t think she knew, but that’s a new version that has been brought out called “Cluedo: Discover the Secrets“…

There’s lots of details here:

And here’s a simple review from that site:

“The idea behind the game seems to be to bring it into the 21st century.

The old british-style mansion has been replaced with a hollywood-style mansion, with rooms like the movie theatre, spa, and living room replacing some of the rooms. only the hall, dining room, and kitchen remain from the original game.

the suspects are the same, except that they are all celebrities, scarlett is an actress, mustard is an ex-pro football player, plum is a video game designer, etc. weird i know!!!

there are also 9 weapons in total now, which include a baseball bat, and axe, and some other strange devices.

design aside, the gameplay is a bit different. each character has a power that they can use once per game, such as moving to any location on the board, looking at another players cards, etc. in addition to this, there is another deck of cards which are drawn by landing on question mark spaces on the board, or by rolling a ? on the dice. these cards allow you take another turn, look at another players cards, etc.

Jacob Green, a go-to guy with all the ins ....oookay

Rev Green is now "Jacob Green, a go-to guy 'with all the ins'" ....oookay

however, mixed in with these cards are 8 clock cards. the first 7 do nothing at all, but whoever draws the 8th clock card is killed by the murderer and is out of the game! this actually adds some excitement to the game since you have to hurry up and get to the solution before the draw pile runs out and somebody gets killed, because the 8th card is then returned to the draw pile (even if it’s the only card left), and whoever is unfortunate enough to roll a ? has to pick up the card and is out of the game.

it’s not as complex as i made it sound here, it’s basically the same game with just a few tweaks added to make it more strategic and fun!!!”


How strange! Did it really have to change, I wonder? I liked its old-fashioned “Miss Marple” world of Drawing Rooms and Colonels …

More info:


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