July: Mostly Codenames?

11 Aug

Wow, as you can see from our little video here, there were certainly a lot of games of Codenames that went on in July! (And I probably only caught a selection of them!) Perhaps there were a few other board games too …

(Click here if you can’t see the video)

See you this weekend!

This weekend will be our last at the Celtic Club! We’ve been here a while but it wasn’t our first venue – who remembers: Isa Brown, Sofia’s Camberwell, The Yak Bar, MyCube Cafe, EASE boardgame cafe, and University Hotel?

On the second Saturday of September we’ll be at our occasional residence of the Bull and Bear Tavern, a very friendly, cosy place, but I’m still keen to get other suggestions too. Stay tuned to Facebook or Meetup for the events.

BUT See you tomorrow, Saturday 12th August 2017, for the last Cafe Games at the Celtic Club, any time from midday to 11pm – as per usual no strategy games before 5pm.

I look forward to seeing you again, and I hope we get to play a game together!
~ Christopher


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