Excursion To Milsims Games Store

2 Jul

The other weekend a troupe of Cafe Games regulars caught the train out to “Milsims“, one of the finest of Melbourne’s board game stores

Although other stores may be more conveniently closer to the city, Milsims is definitely worth a visit due to its wide range, cheap prices, and games that are hard to find elsewhere. (And despite the name, all kinds of games are sold there, from Scrabble and Pictionary to Settlers of Catan, to Warhammer)

We walked away with quite a haul of exciting new games which I’m sure will pop up at Cafe Games in the not too distant future!

To whet your appetite, I’ve asked everyone to tell you a little bit about their new games …

Christopher says …

I bought Last Call

In this game you’re a server at a cocktail bar and you want the bartenders to make your drinks quickly, but if you catch them at the wrong time they’ll put lots of ice in your drinks!

I got this game because I love cocktail bars and even trained to be a bartender. The game comes with pretend little bottles of alcohol that you use in the game!!!

I bought Rollick

This is the reverse of normal Charades. Normally your team has to guess the words one person is acting out. Here only one of the team gets to guess the words because everyone else is up miming the words!

I love a good party game that gets everyone up being silly!

I bought Awful Green Things From Outer Space

This is a silly two player game where one player is trying to stop the other player’s slimy aliens from taking over a spaceship, but no one knows which weapons will hurt the aliens … and which will make them multiply!

This game looks amusing and very “retro” – well, it is a very old game that has only just been reprinted. Apparently it was inspired by a B Grade sci-fi movie from 1968 called “The Green Slime

Dylan says…

 I bought The Target

A large group (6-12 player) CIA vs KGB game. Everyone starts as a rookie agent with no security clearance, and doesn’t know which agency the other players belong to. As the game progresses you can gain the ability to spy on other agents (to learn what they are doing and what agency they belong to), attack other agents or collect “intelligence” to be delivered to your agency HQ.

I bought it partly because I liked the spy theme, mostly because
the game play sounded fun. The way each player has to gain abilities (aka “security clearance”) through play is interesting, as well as having to learn who your teammates and enemies are during the game.

I bought Forbidden Island

A pure cooperative game where your archaeological team must collect 4 artifacts from the island and escape it before everything sinks. Rather than using a board the map of the island is a set of tiles which are randomly placed each game.

I’ve always liked cooperative games, and there aren’t many around, so I wanted to pick this one up. It’s simpler than the other coop games I’ve seen at Cafe Games (Pandemic, Red November and Ghost Stories).

I bought Nay Jay

This is a cheap clone of Perpetual Commotion. It has a few
rules differences, including wild cards (which can be played on any pile and can have any non-start card played on them).

I picked it up because I don’t have many real-time games, or compact games that can be played with 2 players (Nay Jay is 2-4 players). Also it was only $12. 🙂

Bayden says …

I bought Stratego (Original)
Probably needs no introduction for many – the classic game of battlefield management. Position and deploy your troops, and capture your opponent’s flag! Like many “abstract” games, I like this because it is quick, simple and fast to play – yet there is a nice blend of tactics and strategy thrown into the mix.

I bought EcoFluxx
The game of ever-changing rules is about as chaotic as it is fun to play. This version of the game takes on an “environmental” theme, and adds to the several other variants available. The base rules take only a few minutes to learn, but given that the nature of gameplay constantly changes, I’ve found that this stays fun and fresh every time.

Katja says …

I bought Loot

The box just looked funny, freaky characters, they reminded me of the hopelessly unsuccessful pirates in ASTERIX. I like good card games like “Settlers of Catan“, and moreover, they are easy to carry everywhere. Plus I love sailing. There are pirate ships and merchants ships in the game, plus 4 pirate captains and an admiral. The aim is to capture as many merchants ships with as many cold coins as possible. But I haven’t played LOOT yet, so I can’t tell if it’s fun.

I bought Dixit

Got to know Dixit at Café Games and just love it. Beautiful pictures and you learn to know each other in a special way. If it’s your turn, you have to express your thoughts or feelings or ideas about one of six cards in your hand – just a word, a sentence or a sound (or even sing or mime). The other players (secretly) decide which of their cards would match that expression. All “matching” cards” are collected, shuffled and turned over – and then everyone has to decide which is the “right” card. Hopping rabbits on the scoring track!

Andrew says …

I bought Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico involves growing different kinds of crops and then exchanging said crops for money or points. Players can have different individuals (Mayor, Thief etc) which grants different bonuses or abilities.

I have heard that the game is well regarded and several people in the group recommended that it was a very good game that many people like.

Corey says …

I bought Tinner’s Trail

Set in Cornwall in the nineteenth century, this is about building the biggest, baddest array of tin mines in the west! I love resource management and auction/speculation games with good historical themes, and I love Cornish pasties. Also, this one has loads of lovely wooden blocks and doesn’t look too hard to teach.

I bought Inca Empire

Set in the time before Pizarro, you are one of the great Incan emperors’ lieutenants, striving to serve your emperor better than all the others by building the best, richest network of roads across the empire (now Peru, etc.). Again, I love historical games when they’re done well and I’ve heard good things about this one. The theme is pretty original too, and brings out the archaeologist in me. The design looks good.

Simon says …

I bought Black Gold

You’re Texans trying to cash in on the newly found oil reserves in your area before the the Greedy Oil Barons arrive. You manage your oil drills while competing against others to sell to the oil companies at the greatest profit.

I’d had a look at it online and thought it seemed like fun idea, not too difficult to learn, with a nice amount of player interaction and strategy.

I bought Shogun

You’re Daimyos (Samurai Lords) managing your provinces and battling over territory in Feudal Japan in order to become the Shogun (Emperor).

I’ve seen the old TV miniseries ‘Shogun’ with Charlton Heston and love samurai era anything. So when Corey recommended this after I asked if he knew a good slightly more complex eurogame, it didn’t take much for me to purchase it.

Mike says …

I bought Thebes

In this game you get your character ready and find archaeological treasure!

It’s a really fun game with a neat game dynamic of reaching in a bag to randomly choose either sand or Treasure!

I bought Cargo Noir

Trading goods in a story book environment

The game had a great noir look, it got a great rating on BBG and the gameplay looked a fun.

I bought Forbidden Island

Get the Island’s treasure before it sinks into the ocean!

My wife and I really enjoy cooperative games and this is simple and quick enough for small parties.

Mikael says …

I bought Carcassonne

A game where the players are placing tiles to build a medieval landscape with fields, towns, roads etc. Player get points by claiming areas and the game ends when all the tiles have been placed.

I have heard about Carcassonne before but I played it for the first time last week. It was a great game! So when I saw it at Milsim, I decided to buy it.

I bought Stronghold

The game is about a siege of a castle. The castle is under siege by orcs and goblins, and it is defended by humans.

This game got some good reviews when it was released, and a friend of mine say it it a really good game. I like the idea of medieval/fantasy siege warfare so this game has been on my must have list for some time. It has been difficult to find this game, so I was happy to see it at Milsim.”

Luke says …

I bought Road Kill Rally

Its a game where you have a road race, battle other vehicles and run over pedestrians on a tile-based racetrack.

I bought it because the game board looked interesting, it had a speedometer and a box to poverty your vanquished pedestrian figurines.

I bought Cave Troll

A strategy game where you place monsters and heroes in a dungeon to try and claim the most gold and thwart your opponents. I got it based on recommendation and that it had a short play time.

### Also I got some weird Cranium spinoff which I’ve only just realised is a more family friendly version.

Do you want cheap games?

There’s somewhere else you can find cheap games too … try your local charity op shop / second hand store. A few of us regularly score amazing bargains at some of the Salvos stores around Melbourne.


7 Responses to “Excursion To Milsims Games Store”

  1. Peter July 3, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    The Target… an interesting card game! You get to be part of the CIA… Criminally Insane Assassins… or does it stand for something else? Couldn’t think of anything else more accurate anyway…

    Black Gold… sounds incredibly interesting! Even better if the Rockefeller oil barons are mentioned…

    Dixit, really love that card game! Dixit 2 is an expansion to Dixit, with 84 new cards that can also be used in Dixit 1, therefore 168 cards can be used. Dixit 3 (Dixit Odyssey) is coming out soon and is a standalone game where the cards from all 3 Dixit games (3 X 84 = 252 cards), can be played.

    • Christopher July 3, 2011 at 1:15 am #

      Hi Peter, yes Odyssey certainly sounds like it will be an interesting new twist on the Dixit line. I think a couple of other people at Cafe Games have copies of Dixit 2 … I know I’ve played it at some stage.

      Strangely Dixit 2 (just an expansion) is sold in almost every boardgames store … whereas the actual game Dixit itself *isn’t*. Perhaps that’s because Dixit 2 is only a small package, not the full sized box. Doh!

      I know at some games stores I asked, they astoundingly said that “it’s not very popular”

      • Peter July 3, 2011 at 1:25 am #

        Yesterday I pre-ordered Dixit Odyssey from Milsims http://www.milsims.com.au/node/119245

        I couldn’t find it at other online board game sites and it would cost a fair bit more to get it shipped from Europe, as it’s already been released there.

        The score track certainly looks different: http://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic918600_md.jpg

      • Peter July 3, 2011 at 1:33 am #

        Also, up to 12 players can play Dixit Odyssey, rather than 6 in Dixit.

  2. Mike July 5, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    I have an original version of awful green things from outer space! I bought it from my local games store approximately 20 years ago, but never had anyone to play against. Love the art in it, and will definitely be up for a game (better 20 years late than never!).

    • Christopher July 5, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

      Ha! What a shame!
      Though I do understand that the absolute original edition came in Dragon magazine, with (I’ve heard) the pieces all being flimsy bits of cut-out paper that folks would carry around in envelopes! I’m kinda glad I didn’t get that version!

  3. Adam (Milsims) July 7, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    Some fantastic selections there! I wasn’t working the Saturday you came in, hope I can catch up with you all next time.
    Thanks for organising the trip, and for the mention on the Cafe Games FB page. 🙂

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