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In summary, we have:

There is a contact email address for Cafe Games: cafegamesemail

But if you’d like to receive news and updates from Cafe Games, try:

The Cafe Games Email List

If you send a blank email to, you’ll get occasional emails with updates from this site and information about upcoming events. NOTE: You do not need to set up a Yahoo Account to do this!

This is really the best method unless you want to join Facetime or Meetup.


FaceTime Australian Social Club

Volunteers for FaceTime run hundreds of events in Melbourne. Many of the people who come to Cafe Games also go to other FaceTime events. It’s lots of fun – see here for more details.

If you’re a member of FaceTime, you can join the “Fun & Games” group to automatically get invites to every new Cafe Games event.

Meetup Social Site

If you sign up for a free account at the international site, you can join our group “Melbourne Boardgames group (party and strategy games)” to hear about new events.


You can join the Facebook “Cafe Games” fan page. You can tag yourself and friends in any of the photos we post there. Recommended: visit “Vlad Tepes (Cafe Games Photo Tagger)” and  friend that dummy account so that we can notify you as soon as we upload pictures of you.

RSS Feeds

If you consider yourself a modern internet user, you really should be using RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds are a way to get your favourite websites to automatically send information to you, rather than you having to remember to visit them. Most sites offer them these days and Cafe Games is no exception. Here’s an explanatory video: RSS in Plain English (Google Reader is a very good RSS programme)

Cafe Games’ two available RSS feeds are in the top right hand corner of every page. The first is the most important one!

Google Calendar

Here’s the Cafe Games Google Calendar link. We should keep that up to date with upcoming Cafe Games events.

If you use Gmail, Google Mail, or any kind of electronic calendar (iPhone? Android?) , you will be able to integrate our calendar with yours. Of course if you’re managing your life with Google Calendar already, you’ll be able to overlay your calendar with Cafe Games in a different colour! 🙂


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