The Criminal Element with Randall, Breanna & Rebecca

7 Oct


Here’s what went on at the last Cafe Games, but also a new idea – you get to meet three of the Cafe Games regulars, Randall, Breanna and Rebecca …

Starting off with a bracing game of Qwirkle (“Scrabble without words”)

Come and be taught Rummikub by Carol (on left) – or play one of our other sets – it’s been popular for a long time.

Cranium was a clever idea to make a party game that took a bunch of classic games and combined them into the one game! On different rounds it might be like you’re playing Pictionary, Charades, Trivial Pursuit, a spelling bee or other fun activities.

Sneaks & Snitches – from Vlaada Chvátil – the creator of the popular game Codenames. As a master criminal you want to pick the right place to pull off your heist, while tipping off the police to visit one of the other locations. If people can predict where you’ll go, they might send the police there … can you stay one step ahead of everyone’s expectations?

Of course if you did let others join in your heist, you’d probably end up with the problem in Ca$h & Gun$ (remake). You think you deserve most of the money because you put in more of the hard work, and your gun agrees with you. Can you convince the other players to back off?

Here Randall shows us the respectable way to pull off the really big heist. In Burgle Bros you build a cooperative team of cat-burglers who need to sneak through this multi-level building, cracking safes and avoiding guards. I’m not sure if maybe Randall has some insider knowledge on how to avoid security …

Hi I’m Randall, I work in IT Security.

Started coming to Cafe Games about 18 months ago found out about it on Meetup

Marvel Legendary is my favourite game – I love the deckbuilding aspect, I love the Marvel superheroes.
… and even though I don’t bring along the expansions – I’ve got them! But the expansion I do bring along allows for so much replayability … and I keep screwing up … and we keep failing and getting defeated by the villain. I have six expansions for this game – and that’s not all of them. I haven’t got the villains expansion.

I’m looking forward to playing the Archer game – the Love Letter one …

Outside of Cafe Games, I play with family and friends, and occasionally some of my work colleagues. I used to also go to the Hairy Canary Games event, but not at the moment.

My favourite animal is … hmmm … the koala.

Still tenaciously sticking with us – The Resistance: Avalon

And again!

Concept – trying to get the point across using a sheet of symbols. I guess this is the answer to people who think they’d be much better at Pictionary if they could draw better, as here the pictures are already drawn for you.

Breanna is also a keen Concept player…

At the moment I’m looking for work – library related if possible, but generally something and anything at this point

I’ve been coming to Cafe Games for a couple of years now I think. My mum was Googling something to do with games and came across it, and said to me “You might like this – you’re into games, right?”

I like a lot of different games – I’m enjoying Codenames – it’s different, it’s imaginative, it’s cooperative … you get to learn about the way people think as well. There’s so many more games I’d like to try, especially the cooperative ones. … I’ve played so many aready

My family isn’t really interested in games, and it’s hard to get time to meet up with friends who’d want to play

My favourite animal is a cat!!

Codenames – seems to be flagging a little now. Still a firm favourite with many, especially as it’s a team game, but we no longer see 3 games running at the same time. Will be interesting to see if the new versions Codenames Pictures and Codenames Deep Undercover (adult version) bring some of the original hype back…

Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 !!! It’s exactly what you think – a game where you compete to grab food out of the centre bowl with your chopsticks. Maybe it sounds like a silly game, but I reckon I would be a strong contender!!

Space Cadets Dice Duel . Team Black = left side of table and captain standing. We pulled together as a well balanced crew of the Black Spaceship, zooming around and landing a few good hits on the evil White Spaceship. Unfortunately they were just a bit too nimble for us. There was a real problem with dud torpedoes this time – so many were fired but failed to detonate!

Building a teetering apartment tower for Rhino Hero to bound up

That’s Rebecca there on the left …

I dance, I sing, I play in my garden – sometimes I go to work. I started coming to Cafe Games ‘bout 12 months ago…

Favourite game: Dungeon Petz!! Cuz they’re SO CUTE!!! I love the little funny pets with their funny little … What’s that thing that thinks it’s a unicorn … that’s cute … but he’s not … but … he looks like he could be …
… they’re so cute …
… and they’ve got minions … but they’re not called Minions minion-amazed-icon … ahem 

I got a game for my birthday … it’s called Jaipur … and I’m looking forward to playing that with my boyfriend. I also play games with my daddy and my mum, my boyfriend and his friends.

My favourite animal is … a bird – a sparrow!

Meg having a blast in Bohnanza. Collect all the beans!!!

Machi Koro – let’s mix in EVERYTHING!! ALL THE EXPANSIONS!

The Mahjong corner is busy again

Paperback – an intriguing cross between a word game like Scrabble and a deckbuilder like Dominion. Reportedly, the guys had just invented an “adult” version where you have to spell rude words. I’ve seen that in Scrabble as well. 😉

Finishing the night with a pretty game of Gemblo – like Blokus but based on hexagons. Notice in the picture that with 4 players, that they have to stick within a square on the hexagonal board, with each colour branching out from their own corners. You can see yellow creeping out from the bottom.

See you soon!!

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday for Cafe Games. Feel free to use the event on the Cafe Games Facebook page to invite your friends, or tag people you know in our pictures.

Remember if you have any missing pieces to check in with me – we find new pieces every month. Last time there was a red dice with 3 sides that said “1” and a number of pieces of Mahjong “money”.

Also … if you’re shy or can’t find a game to join in, come see me and I’ll work something out for you 🙂

Happy Gaming!
~ Christopher


3 Responses to “The Criminal Element with Randall, Breanna & Rebecca”

  1. Lisa October 29, 2016 at 9:15 am #

    This type of thing would be so up my alley need to get out and meet people make social conecctions and friendships. I live near tullamarine so hoping to find a group locally.

    • Christopher October 29, 2016 at 10:34 am #

      You’re welcome to pop into the city from Tullamarine – a short train trip away 🙂


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    […] image for a bigger picture of Randall’s Tumblin’ Dice set. You can buy this game, but Randall decided to get crafty and make his own one. Roll the dice down the “staircase” and […]

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