Last Month – At The Celtic Club

6 Sep

Well! It’s come down to this! August was our final month at the Celtic Club before it was closed to be demolished. 😦

Still!! We’re not going to sit around moping while there are exciting board games to be played!! 😀

Game designer Chris was kind enough to bring along his VERY colourful new game FruitFight! I didn’t get the chance to play it but I gather it’s about auctioning off sets of fruit cards, with clever abilities and effects where you can make them better or worse.
Visit Binary Games to find out more!

Nope, Codenames shows no signs of flagging. One thing in its favour might be that it’s a “two teams” game where you can just add newcomers to either team, and they don’t have to feel like they’re trying to understand the game by themselves.
In the photo above, at the top you have the two team leader “spymasters” with their teams being the left vs right sides of the table.

There’s now another new version Codenames Duet, where you can play with as few as two players and you’re on the same side! …. but *both* of you get to be spymasters?!

Say Anything! – If you used to enjoy Cards Against Humanity, but found the same cards got boring when they came up again and again – in Say Anything the players get to write their own cards. Go for the imaginative and ridiculous!

Herbaceous – a tranquil little game of potting a variety of herbs in award-winning sets. Beautiful art. And a biscuit.

Not nearly as popular, is Codenames Pictures trickier than Codenames, because you have to interpret each image? Makes it a bit like Dixit then!

Dictionary Scrabble? It’s interesting in these days of “Words With Friends” online Scrabble clones, that people don’t know that you’re not allowed to look up the words you play in a dictionary. The online versions know that no one will know if you’re looking in a dictionary, so they automatically check the words so that no one need bother.

…But in the original game you don’t get to look up the dictionary unless someone challenges a word you played. If they were right and your word was wrong, it gets removed and you lose your turn. If your word was real, they lose theirs! Want to try a bluff? … Of course, as always, if you want to play it a different way, you can do that, just make sure everyone knows. 🙂 (see this wonderful comedy sketch on Scrabble)

(BTW in Bananagrams, you check people’s words at the end when someone claims to have won. If the person claiming victory has incorrect words – they’re out of the game!)

Ahh the original blue box Anomia. Still a clever game that almost crosses Snap and Eye-Spy 😀

Nice to get people on their feet in a game of Tumblin’ Dice

These are the Leaders of Euphoria – a reworked futuristic version of the hidden role game Good Cop – Bad Cop – now with an intriguing alternative to player elimination and with BIG laser guns. Players’ allegiances are determined by three cards in front of them, but others can only examine one card at a time.

Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City – a remake of the original Machi Koro city building dice game, that has lots of buildings from the original game or its expansions, but now you’ll have to choose from a limited random selection out in the middle. It’s still a reasonably light-feeling game, but reviewers advise that it is now more likely to go for an hour than the 30 minutes printed on the box. (Played the original with my young nephews the other day and they loved it! Counting, Risk, Saving!)

Calculating the odds in a game of Dixit?
(He was playing, just multitasking with MtG plans)

I think I have an identical photo from last month with you guys playing Steam Punk Rally! It must be fun! (Took several shots, Frankie closed his eyes in each one!)

Often when I tell someone new about the the game Pandemic, they say “ohhh I’ve played the computer game version – you try to build a disease and try to be the first kill off the world, yeah?” Errr no … Pandemic is a nice game of working together to save the world. But this new game Plague Inc. IS the evil game you’re thinking of. Evil people.

Ahh Sheriff of Nottingham! The game of trying to sneak stuff past Border Security! It’s interesting how you won’t see a particular game in months, and then when people see it being played, they remember how much fun it was, so suddenly everyone wants to play it again!
AND This year, an expansion is coming out! Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men – with Deputies, Black Market, Merry Men and more! oooh!

A very creepy? gross? recent Kickstarter Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove where poor wretched orphans struggle to stay alive, wandering in the murky darkness while a creepy boogeyman stalks them from the darkness. The way to win might be to ensure the other orphans suffer and fall prey to the boogeyman before you.

Chicago Express!! I have my eye on getting a copy of this for myself. Fans of the classic stock game Acquire will be familiar with the tricky idea of doing things that are good for you, but better for others! Here you’ll be part-owner in a few different railway lines, if you make one longer, it will help you, but also the other owners! Your train line will also grow faster if you let others buy into it as well!

Cave Troll – quirky little game you really have to play it to realise it’s not some “dungeons and dragons” game of exploring a dungeon. Here you run a team of heroes and monsters around a dungeon, trying to hold the best spots by noble cunning or thuggish brutality. And just when someone looks unassailable … you’ll drop your Cave Troll … KABOOM!

Of course my dear, it’s Marrying Mr Darcy! I don’t think I’ve had the … pleasure of dining with you lovely ladies before? Perhaps I just move in more refined circles. That’s how I know Mr Darcy will be mine. It just makes perfect sense. Oh, no my dear, I don’t think you’re the … right sort of material for a man of his caliber. No sense in setting yourself up for childish heartbreak!

Farewell to The Celtic Club!

But not to Cafe Games!

It’s been a nice big venue at the Celtic Club since we first started coming in May 2011. It was nicely central and convenient, and after convincing the staff, we really put the Celtic Club on the map – in later years a number of other regular gaming functions started having events there as well.

You can even see the Cafe Games blog entry of the FIRST time we were at the Celtic Club…


Cafe Games of course is not dead! We’re continuing this Saturday at the venerable Bull and Bear Tavern where we’ve occasionally gone through the years.

Same Bat time, Same Bat channel … but here’s the location map.

I’m still keen on hearing any ideas folks have for extra venues in the city. Ideally we need something cheap that will cope with at least 150 people! But has food and drink 🙂

See you for some games this weekend!
~ Christopher


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