Colourful Board Games! April

12 May

Such a colourful range of games and people, it’s hard to believe it’s not Summer! 😀

Learning to play Sushi Go! Such happy little sushi faces and colourful cards!

Oh those wacky kids! Having only just finished their first game of Battle Sheep, they have started getting creative with the shape of the pasture!

Epic game of  sliding pieces in Tsuro!

Bohnanza! Colourful beans being traded all over the table.

Interesting … a two player game of Paperback! Not sure whether you need special rules to play with so few?

Paperback is a deckbuilding game AND a word game … an unsual mash up … and now there’s another version – Hardback.

Ohhh darlings, you’re looking simply divine! I’m sure one of you will catch the eye of the dashing Mr Darcy or Colonel Fitzwilliam! It’s Jane Austen hijinks and sisterly sabotage in Marrying Mr Darcy!
(we also have the “sequel” Emma)

It’s better up-close but “Evolution: The Beginning” has meticulous pictures of animals on the cards, shaded in with a gorgeous rainbow of colours! Not quite as elaborate a game as the original “Evolution” or “Evolution: Climate” but a good time chasing around each others’ creatures.

Wow seems like Codenames is still such a favourite, I wonder whether it will eclipse Cards Against Humanity’s fading craze!

At the time advertising can seem quite awful, but later when it comes up at trivia nights or in a game like Logo, it can bring back fun memories!

Action stations!! If this was a video, you’d see the two standing captains rushing back and forth behind the three crew-members, coaxing and guiding them to send each team’s space-ship erratically spinning through the stars – chasing towards – or running away from the other craft. “Captain! We’re in range!!!”
It’s Space Cadets: Dice Duel. (Much better than Space Cadets)

Crazy inventors building monstrous machines to lurch down the track in a Steampunk Rally!!! Yes, bits will probably fall off all the way around, but as long as enough of it gets over the finish line, you’ll be fine!

Dan was visiting from England and took the opportunity to demonstrate the new strategy game he’s creating: Lander. In Lander, a new planet is being colonised. Each player runs one of the different companies who have arrived on the first Lander and are spreading out to discover and harvest the different resources the planet has to offer.
Read more at: Games Gazette UK

Classic Rummikub! 🙂
(Sometimes also called Rummiking, or Rummy – but Rummy is also the name of a card game!)

Classic Mahjong – quite similar to Rummikub.

Ahh Doug, you’ve schemed your way to big money! Other people may have thought they were wise to build up big companies, but you seem to have had a cut of every deal … It’s one of the clever things in games like Acquire … when you try to get something for yourself, it will probably help others as well!

See you this weekend!!

Hope to see you again this weekend. Lots of fun at our usual location of the Celtic Club! From 12 PM Saturday at the Celtic Club, check it out on Facebook, Meetup or even just our calendar above!

Lots of new games to try out, including…

  • Sagrada … building stained glass windows from colourful dice!
  • The Perfect Heist … the smallest criminals dream of becoming a mastermind
  • Anomia X … the classic rapid fire card game Anomia with “adult” cards
  • Quoridor … this simple wooden game builds a maze as you play!
  • Happy Salmon … simple, quick and very happy high-fiving game

What are you bringing?

See you soon!
~ Christopher



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