Shiny Baubles and Missing Pieces

10 Oct

Another nice relaxed Cafe Games day was held in September … apparently there was yet another comic/scifi/pop culture convention on again, but we had a great turnout anyway…

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Games Last Month

13 Sep

Wow, it’s been a long month, I bet you’re keen to get back into some games today!! Here’s a few glimpses of what went down last month, in August:

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Way back when …

11 Jul

Sorry, I’ve been very busy the last couple of months, haven’t had much time, but better late than never eh? Here’s a little taste of the hijinks that went on in … not the June Cafe Games but the May Cafe Games. (yep – sometime soon there will need to be a double blog update!)

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Cafe Games – not Supernova

9 May

Apparently this weekend we clashed with the Supernova anime/sci-fi convention. You’d think they’d be more careful picking dates, but we’re sorry if they took a hit because of us. Turns out there’s a lot of geeky overlap between our members and Supernova fans! We had lots of fun anyway…. despite there being no cosplay. It’s not banned you know :-P

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Nerves of Steel!

12 Apr

An instructional message from our Cafe Games day in March …

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Lots of Colours!!

7 Mar

A quick smattering of photos from February’s Cafe Games Day…

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Back to the Bull & Bear!

7 Feb

All back and refreshed for a wonderful new year of board games! So many people that we were quite squished into our traditional January venue, the friendly Bull & Bear tavern! (Turns out they were running two other events at the same time!)

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Review – Samurai Sword

10 Jan

Samurai Sword is an interesting new version of the classic Wild West Game Bang, not only re-themed for ancient Japan but also with several game “tweaks” that give the game quite a different feel.

Samurai Sword card game

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2013 Botanic Gardens Games Picnic!

8 Jan

Okay, I’m very slack with getting posts out here, but here’s a quick one – a run down of the annual December games picnic-in-a-park that we had last month!

I have to say, it was an absolutely perfect day, and probably the best of these that I’ve ever run – sunny, but not too hot, or too blowy. We had a good turnout of fun people – though not as many people as said they were coming!! – Well, quality over quantity, right? :-D
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Changes to Cafe Games (from September)

9 Aug

Howdy Games Players!

I’m excited to announce a new innovation in the way I’m running my Café Games “big games day” events!

Starting with September’s Café Games, on Saturday 14th, the event will be split into two sessions.

Playing Pandemic at Cafe Games boardgames club

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