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July: Mostly Codenames?

11 Aug

Wow, as you can see from our little video here, there were certainly a lot of games of Codenames that went on in July! (And I probably only caught a selection of them!) Perhaps there were a few other board games too … Continue reading


Celtic Capers (May)

14 Jun

Cafe Games’ big May event took a strangely Irish turn when we encamped in a large function room at the Melbourne Celtic Club. So much room that we could gather our Werewolf circle without needing to move people out of the way! The staff were doubtful we’d be there all day, but we showed them! 🙂  Continue reading

March Mayhem

13 Apr

Well, turnouts are just getting bigger and bigger! How many did we have at the University Hotel on 19th March? 50? 55? We briefly had to run a couple of games downstairs as well!!! I think since our Oxfam Charity Boardgames Night we’ve really got the ball rolling!! How soon before we get 100? Continue reading