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So many colours!

13 Mar

Well that was unexpected – Cafe Games was HUGE in February with lots of old and new players and we even expanded into other areas of the pub! Time absolutely flew by, and many of us were there until quite late…

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Haiclue, a novel game where players construct short stilted sentences (possibly almost poetic!) out of a limited set of words, as clues to hint at one of 4 answers in the middle of the table. See if the other players can guess which answer is the right one!

Letter Jam – a fruity new word game where you cooperate with the other players, helping them guess the secret letters that make up their secret words. Everyone else can see your secret letters, so they’ll partially spell words that include your letters and you’ll have to try to figure out the words, and your letters!

Gravwell – Your spacecraft has been pulled into this “Gravity Well”, you need to get to the central warp gate to escape but fuel is very limited! Trouble is, the gravity of the other ships and items nearby will pull you in their direction so it can be hard to get there. If you’re very careful you can try to use this effect to help you!

Sushi Go – a fun little sushi collecting game with such adorable cute happy sushi pictures on the cards! I think I prefer this one – the original Sushi Go instead of Sushi Go Party. This one comes in a little box and you can just take it out and play it. Sushi Go Party has a more complex setup procedure.

Decrypto – try to crack the coded messages the other team are sending each other. At the same time you’d better understand the messages your own team mates are sending!!! 

What you’re seeing in the middle of the table is a row of 4 red computer screens that reveal the secret key words for your team…

Sushi Roll – try to grab the right sushi dice as they travel past you on little conveyor belt trays! But when the colourful sushi dice come to you, you have to reroll them before chosing what to eat … maybe they won’t be quite as appetising by then!

Dixit – the fabulous game where every card is a different surreal artwork and you need to give a hint to one of the cards – but make sure it’s not so easy that everyone gets it or too hard that no one gets it, or you won’t get any points!

Survive: Escape from Atlantis … as the central island starts sinking into the ocean, you’d better jump onto a boat to escape to the surrounding islands, but be careful as those waters are infested with dangerous sharks, whales and sea monsters controlled by the other players! (But then again, even your boat might be controlled by another player!)

Ecosystem – beautiful little carpets of flora and fauna… Perhaps you might not expect it, but this is a card drafting game, like Sushi Go and 7 Wonders … the different types of animals you collect give you points if they are near their favourite cards…

6 Nimmt / “6 Takes” – sometimes it’s nice just to play a basic little abstract game. You don’t even need to worry about the number of players as this can go up to 10!! Choose the right time to add your numbered card to the grid … choose the wrong time and you’ll end up with a heap of penalty points!

Settlers of Catan, still a classic. What makes it unusual is that not only are you trying to build the biggest colony on the island, but you need to barter with the other players to get the resources you need. Play too mean, and no one will trade with you!

Deck Builder, the deckbuilding game – yes a joke that turned into a game. Be the best DIY handiman and knock up a lovely little backyard deck to host your barbecues!

More Letter Jam – what a neat and orderly table!

Village – life in a small country town. Run a small rural family. Sure you could all stay at the farm and harvest wheat, but a trip to the nearby village offers more than just extra supplies – a member of your family could find a job there! Why buy carts & parchment when you could learn to make them yourself and go into business! Breed oxen and horses, maybe travel to nearby towns selling goods! They could even go into local council or become a priest in the church! But everything takes time … eventually those skilled family members will grow old and die! “Make hay while the sun shines!”

Playing Viticulture in teams!! Turns out too many people wanted to play Viticulture, the game where you run competing vineyards … so they had two people managing each one!

Relic – Based on the classic roll-and-move-and-fight game Talisman, now jazzed up with a “Warhammer 40,000” theme – a brutal far-distant future of sci-fi mixed with fantasy creatures. Lots of exciting adventures, though it still seems quite long!

Evolution Climate – still a wonderful saga of different species of animals struggling to survive within the same ecosystem, a sort of cold war where as one species evolves to get some advantage, the other species will need to re-adjust to survive or get the upper hand!

Top Games!

At least 48 different games were played and according to our monthly Facebook poll, the most popular games at our February Cafe Games event were:

⭐ See you this weekend!! ⭐

Yes – it’s Cafe Games again this weekend! (Does it feel like ages to you too??)

Saturday 14th March at the Hawthorn Hotel from 12pm
(Strategy games only allowed after 4pm)
For more details, see Cafe Games Events on Facebook

Gold coin donation appreciated to help cover costs – see donation tin.

It would be great if you could leave a message on the Facebook event to say which games you’ll be bringing, or which games you’d like others to bring!! 😀

Let’s play!
~ Christopher 😀


Buckets & Betrayal?

7 Feb

What did you play in January? Lots of interesting new games turned up along with a bunch of old favourites we hadn’t seen for a while. AND heaps of fun new friends as well! Very exciting 😀 Nice to meet you!

Remember we do a games poll each month – make sure you always fill that out – helps us record what happened!

Bucket King?! Continue reading

Remember? Back in 2020…

9 Jan

Out with the Old! In with the New! ⭐

Hope everyone had some time to relax in the last few weeks? Even if you worked through, hopefully things were a bit quieter?

Some photos from our games picnic in December … feel free to tag your friends in them!

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13 Dec

November was the last Hawthorn Hotel event for the year! But there’s a picnic in December and then back at the hotel in January!

Lovely to Continue reading

Back in 2019!

8 Feb

Yikes! It’s 2019??? Who would have thought we’d make it to our 11th year! 2018 sure was turbulent! These days we’re meeting in the Hawthorn Hotel, a cosy little place very close to Glenferrie and Auburn train stations. 🚂 Maybe one day we’ll be back in the city, but I’ll need to do a lot of work to make that happen.


In the meantime, we’re having a great time, playing lots of fun games 🙂
According to the poll after the January Cafe Games, the top 3 games played were Bananagrams, Decrypto and Codenames Pictures! Definitely quite popular games, but I also noticed that lots of people claimed to have played some games by themselves, like The Resistance, Were-words and The Climbers … so … I guess not everyone responds… 😛

Codenames Pictures! Okay maybe Continue reading

Fotos From Feb

9 Mar

Seems like February Cafe Games at the Royal Melbourne Hotel was so long ago – what a difference an extra week makes!!

Articulate – either Darryl Continue reading

Welcome to 2018!

2 Feb

Ha! Back to the Royal Melbourne Hotel in force! Seems everyone was pretty keen to catch up and play some games together after the Christmas holidays. Even got a few rave reviews!

Good Cop Bad Cop … an intriguing twist on the “hidden” roles games like Resistance. You each have 3 cards that add together to make up your role. Other players can peek at individual cards, but might get the wrong idea as the Good Cops might have some bad cards, and the criminals might have some good cards…
(The sci-fi retheme of this is Leaders of Euphoria)

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And we’re back!

11 Jan

The closure of The Celtic Club was a bit of a blow, but now we’ve run a successful trial event at the Royal Melbourne Hotel, we’re back in action!!! If you missed it, come along this Saturday 12-8! No dim cellar for us! Bright, natural light, and delicious meals & drinks 🙂

But since then we also had…

The Annual Christmas Games Picnic

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Timeline card game Continue reading

Last Month – At The Celtic Club

6 Sep

Well! It’s come down to this! August was our final month at the Celtic Club before it was closed to be demolished. 😦

Still!! We’re not going to sit around moping while there are exciting board games to be played!! 😀

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July: Mostly Codenames?

11 Aug

Wow, as you can see from our little video here, there were certainly a lot of games of Codenames that went on in July! (And I probably only caught a selection of them!) Perhaps there were a few other board games too … Continue reading