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Food, drink, disease … and Lisa?

15 Dec

In this edition of Cafe Games from the last month, you’ll get see lots of food – even some food games, the continuing popularity of the original Codenames, new Pandemics and get to find out a little about Lisa, a regular at Cafe Games…

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Cafe Games – not Supernova

9 May

Apparently this weekend we clashed with the Supernova anime/sci-fi convention. You’d think they’d be more careful picking dates, but we’re sorry if they took a hit because of us. Turns out there’s a lot of geeky overlap between our members and Supernova fans! We had lots of fun anyway…. despite there being no cosplay. It’s not banned you know 😛

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February Back at the Celtic

9 Mar

Great to be back at the Celtic Club again, room to stretch out with a big group of people. Once again, it’s always great to Continue reading

2011 Backlog! Tournaments and Picnics!

11 Jan

Pardon me, the end of the year is always so busy I didn’t get around to showing you these extra photos, mostly from the tournaments day in November, but also our Picnic in December. Continue reading

What we did in October …

9 Nov

October was such a busy month for board games in Melbourne with the Anti Football League Lunch (photos) , weekly gaming at the NGV Studio’s exhibition of boardgames (photos), and all the Euro Games clubs around Melbourne (eg Corkman, Dockers…) .

Luckily people still found the time and inclination to come to Cafe Games, to get a drink, put their feet up and relax in some less serious game playing … Continue reading

Reaching a Milestone! (June)

8 Jul

Wow, around 100 people joined us at Cafe Games at the Celtic Club in June! Was it the cold weather outside, or the news that we would have the fledgling Mahjong club with us? … Continue reading