Cafe Games @ Yak Bar

Especially for those of you who can’t attend our weekend Cafe Games, but also for those of us who just can’t wait a whole month until the next event!


On a Thursday, conveniently in the city so you can come straight after work. Some of us will be there from 6pm and expect to be there until at least 9:30. See the Event Calendar above for dates.


The Yak Bar, corner Russell Street & Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD. It’s a lovely place with delicious tapas (gourmet snacks) as well as mains and an intriguing cocktail list. We’ve got a booking, so ask the friendly staff if you’re not sure where we are.


Please try to bring some of your own games (at least cards) as I can’t carry as many games on a working day as I can for the Saturday Cafe Games events. But if you have nothing to bring, at least bring yourself 🙂


While this event is technically free, most of us have dinner and drinks there. Based on prior experience, it’s best to have cash not cards, so we can order & pay individually by going to the bar.


Since this is still a small event (unlike the weekend ones), it would help if people could let me know if they plan to come, so I can keep track of the booking size. It’s not absolutely vital, but it will help me to help you.

cafegamesemail(not neccessary for club members already registered for the event)

dice_redPreviously, at the Yak Bar…

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