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At least once a month, on a Saturday, the Cafe Games club meets up at MyCube Cafe at 122 Lygon Street, Carlton for an evening of boardgames and socialising, with food and wine within easy reach. We’re upstairs in the “beanbag lounge” – which means heaps of room so feel free to bring friends. We can play games in large groups, or small groups, it’s all fine. From 12 midday to 5 … or later… If you’d like to get notified each time Cafe Games is run, send a blank email to . If you’re a GetALife member, you can join the “Fun & Games” group there.

The Venue: MyCube

MyCUBE Boardgames Cafe is a new Lygon street cafe that offers games for people to play and serves “young and funky” Singaporean/Malaysian food.


What Games?

I heartily encourage you to bring your own boardgames – everyone should own games – at least a cheap pack of cards! (Buy some?) Best social games are ones for 4-6 players and don’t take much longer than an hour … but feel free to break those rules as well! Anything goes, from Pictionary, Snap, Jenga and Uno, to 500, Cluedo and Ticket-to-Ride! (Big list of boardgames) We normally play in small groups, feel free to watch or ask to join in! MyCube Cafe does have lots of interesting boardgames of its own, and they let us use them for free. (Usually there would be a fee.) You may be shocked to find that the afternoon whizzes by … likely you’ll only get around to playing 4 or so games! Since we’ve got the beanbag lounge to ourselves, there’s no need to rush off. Most people are still there at 5, often some people keep going well after that!


You’ll be able to order food and drinks from passing waiters using your MyCube Voucher. This scheme allows them to keep track of your individual bill. You’ll have to buy one for $15 when you arrive. That gives you $15 credit. No need to top it up during the day – you pay any excess when you leave. (NB no refund on unused credit).

Getting There

I can highly recommend catching public transport to the event – trains to Melbourne Central always meet with frequent trams up Swanston street, then it’s a short walk along Queensberry Street to Lygon street. On the other hand, if you must drive, parking at that time of day is suprisingly free and plentiful, even in the Lygon street district!. Remember this is the South end of Lygon street – just across the road from Toto’s!


If you’re from GetALife or, remember to leave Feedback after the event to let others know if you had fun! (Use those sites to leave ratings/feedback)

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