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Getting bored of the way your friends and loved ones just want to veg out in front of the tv all the time?? How dull is that??

Whatever happened to people catching up with people FACE TO FACE and getting out and actually DOING STUFF????

Check out the FaceTime social club – a Melbourne-based forum where people just like you are running all sorts of exciting events, going out to sports, movies, restaurants, concerts, dancing, games etc.

You may well have no time left afterwards!


PS: Many of the people who come along to Cafe Games also go to other FaceTime events, however there’s no requirement to be a member to come to Cafe Games.

Compared to Meetup.Com

I’ve recently started flogging some of our events on the site Meetup.com as well. It’s better known, but there are some significant differences:

FaceTime: Lots of events, occasionally people create groups

Meetup: Lots of groups, occasionally people create events

Meetup.com FaceTime.com.au
If you just attend events Site is free There’s a subscription fee
If you organise events There’s a subscription fee Rewarded with free site access if your events are popular
Price Range $12-$19 per month depending on plan $7 – $12 per month depending on plan

Maybe it’s just my prejudice, but I’m inclined to think that Meetup has a disincentive for people running events, whereas FaceTime has a reward. I think that would lead to less events at Meetup? I don’t know.

(NB I realise there’s fine print but this seems to be the standard way both Meetup and FaceTime run)

This means I’ll probably always list the events on FaceTime (and the email list) but not so often on Meetup.com.

(NB FaceTime used to be called GetALife)

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