Party games and cake!

7 Apr

Another day of rollicking fun with great board games, card games and lively friends!

Hedbanz – it’s like Celebrity Heads, but better for those who really don’t care about so-called celebrities. Here “Rat”, “Umbrella” and “Dressing Room” are trying to figure out what words are on their foreheads, using “yes or no” answer questions (also “maybe”)

Codenames (original Words version). The staying power of this game is impressive.

Skull seems like it works well for partially sighted players. You have 4 large cards each and those cards either have a flower or a skull. It’s a bluffing game – you need to guess who has put flowers or skulls face down in front of them – and be more daring than the other players. Obviously it can’t be played by completely blind players, unless there are special braille card sleeves, like those created by 64oz Games.

Mahjong – give it a go! It’s based on card games like Gin, Rummy and Canasta, and is related to the ever-popular Rummikub. The Mahjong club are very happy to teach new players as well.

Sky Tango. Another exotic game brought along by the indefatigable Tam. Try to get rid of all your cards by building up numerically ordered dioramas of a daytime and nighttime scenes, showing the rise and set of the sun and moon. Has special rules for eclipses and the cards which happen to have animals visible. The other players will try to ruin it for you.

Libertalia – hire the best crew that will get you the most treasure!

Ca$h n Guns – subtle negotiation between greedy bank robbers.

Some war game? Don’t recognise it I’m afraid.

Evolution: Climate, either a solid victory for the three players depicted, or a terrible loss for me. You can see their neat rows of cards – they each have 3 or 2 animals species thriving in the increasingly hot climate – lots of Mud Wallowing.

On the other hand, all of my species got wiped out – some very unsuccessful carnivores who just couldn’t catch any food, and found the weather a bit too muggy.

Power Grid Deluxe – the 10th Anniversary edition of this classic game not only has fancier looking pieces, but when it comes to powering your electricity generators (to power cities across America) you can now choose to run them on natural gas instead of  the “garbage” supplied in the previous editions. (Other options are power plants that use coal, oil, uranium or wind power)

Having a bit of a chat before Dixit. After all, it is still a social event 🙂

Rummikub! Abstract goodness!

Randall’s homemade Tumblin’ Dice again. People love the colourful dice and the simplicity of rolling dice down a track – almost like a small game of 10-pin bowling!

In Quoridor each player (2-4) attempts to get their pawn from one side of the board to the other, despite the other players putting walls in your way. The trick is, you have a limited number of walls and you can’t move them after putting them down, and you won’t move far if you’re always putting walls down.

Codenames Pictures getting explained…

Agricola is a hungry business – you need to remember to feed both yourself and your farmers!

The Happy Salmon Video!!

Finally someone has captured a game of Happy Salmon on video, not sure why the camera rotates halfway through … general wackiness? 😛

(thanks to Randall)

and now a puppy!

Yes, it was my birthday month! Thanks to everyone for singing me happy birthday and for Rebecca for finding this cute cake that gave me quite a moral dilemma when it came time to stab it with a knife!!

See you on Saturday!

Yes, we’re still at the Celtic Club for now. Haven’t found a good new location yet and they haven’t pulled it down yet.

I’ll look forward to playing a game with you soon! 🙂

~ Christopher


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