Picnic Time! 2016

12 Jan

End of one big year and the start of another!

We had a great boardgames picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens in December. Despite confusing cloudy/sunny weather beforehand, it cleared right up once we started playing…

It’s a little hard to see … but in the foreground there, they’re playing Letters To Santa – one of the original remakes of Love Letter!

It’s intriguing how the mini travel edition of Qwirkle seems a lot more common than its larger sibling, I guess it does come in that snazzy black bag!

Ahh we can rely on Tam to come up with some uncommon games! Here she’s introducing Stinker – like a mash up between Cards Against Humanity and Bananagrams. You have to quickly use your Scrabble tiles to make a silly answer to the card’s question, that will please the judge.

Splendor – try life as international gem traders in the Renaissance!

Hulk smash!!! There can only be one monster who becomes KING OF TOKYO
(Who really cares about the village being demolished in your fight?)

“Hey, I know I’m the Boss, but – on the quiet – I’ll cut you in on my new business deal for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I’ll bet that sounds good right? Ahh yes … you’re right, I am making a little more out of it … yes … 6 million … but … no no, don’t walk away … if you go I get nothing … look, how about 2 million? I’ll see if I can squeeze some of my other business partners… no … there’s no way I could get you any more than that …”
(playing I’m The Boss)

Forbidden Desert! Can your team survive in the blistering desert sands long enough to build the magic ship which will fly you to safety?

Saw it being sold the other day as “Forgotten Dessert”! Whoops, how sad to forget your dessert! 😀 … “someone left a cake out in the rain…” (Macarthur’s Park)

Battle Sheep! Hmmm we were playing this game actually on a grassy field … I wonder if someone has come up with a large version you can play on the grass … nah, I guess that might be a bit difficult to pick up a bunch of sheep and carry them across the field!

Last Days at the Celtic Club!

The Celtic Club has finally sold the venue where we normally hold our events (of course it’s so another skyscraper can be built)… so we’ll be looking for a new place soon. In a few days I’ll put some more information up on Cafe Games Facebook Page about the sort of place we’re looking for, but in the meantime we’re at least at the same location for Saturdays 14 Jan and 4th Feb (a week early).

See you this weekend!

See you this Saturday at the Celtic Club from midday until 11pm, unless you only want to play strategy games, then it’s from 5pm … you know the drill!

Hope to see a lot of the new games you lovely people have discovered since we last met!
I’d be shocked if the day gets through without me challenging someone to a game of Bananagrams!! 😀

~ Christopher


PS here was a great article I found about connecting, and comforting, people through boardgames …


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