Food, drink, disease … and Lisa?

15 Dec

In this edition of Cafe Games from the last month, you’ll get see lots of food – even some food games, the continuing popularity of the original Codenames, new Pandemics and get to find out a little about Lisa, a regular at Cafe Games…

Building delicious burgers in the Australian game Burger Up … you’ll often feel like going to a burger shop to ask them to make your burger a reality.

Close-up of one particularly meaty burger (other burger orders can have lots more salad, or only salad, or even be vegan!)

Another Burger Up table running at the same time!

Playing Paperback (a deckbuilder game) writing a novel one letter at a time …

Back to the original version of Codenames … the picture one doesn’t seem nearly as popular (and not as popular as the Dixit mashup?)

Spymasters deep in thought in another game of Codenames

An interesting set of picture cards arrayed in Dixit. Click for a closer look.

An old classic – Outburst! It’s a bit like that gameshow “Family Feud” – the other team draws a card listing ten items on one topic. Knowing only the topic, can your team guess those ten items?

Inventor and artist Harold Kho demonstrating his latest new game Monsters Attack!

A flock of Crows wheel about this desolate landscape, but if you put a Shiny Object down, they’ll head straight for that! Who can attract the most crows?

Above and Below – build a village while going on adventures in the caverns below, meeting all sorts of weird and wonderful people!

Sushi Go – playing with your food has never been quite so colourful!

Betrayal at House on The Hill – technically only 6 players maximum, but when everyone wants to be in the same game, there’s always a way to make it work!

“I’m not going into details… it’s too horrible…”
Love playing Pandemic but wish it was more macabre and creepy?
In the new Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, you’re not working together to prevent the spread of diseases but losing your sanity while stopping horrifying tentacled monstrosities invading our world from another dimension. Based on the horror writings of HP Lovecraft.

For Pandemic lovers, there’s now also this limited edition historical version, Pandemic Iberia, set in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) in 1848. I’ve played it a few times now and it’s quite good but a bit trickier. No longer can you simply fly across the map, to travel quickly you have to get to the coast to jump on a ship, or slowly build railways. Another major difference is that diseases don’t get cured. They never go away or get easier to treat.
Luckily you have water purification and a range of new roles. Video Trailer

The famous two player game Twilight Struggle . It’s a renactment of the cold war politics between America and the USSR. For a long time this was the #1 rated game!

Dead of Winter – these zombies are guaranteed to give you a chill even in Summer

Are you over Cards Against Humanity? Exciting but then you see the same cards again and again? In Say Anything you make up your own answers to tempt the judge, but you can also get points if you think someone else put a better answer!

Who is who at the Mascarade? Do you trust that people are who they say they are? If you always trust them, they’ll be able to do whatever they want to win the game. In all the confusion, are you even really entirely sure that *you* are who you think?

First there was Agricola where you had to expand your farm and feed your family, but now there’s also Caverna: Cave Farmers where also you can carve out caves to live in and maybe make weapons to go off on adventures. I hear it takes much longer than Agricola, and is recommended for 4 (goes up to 7)

Vault Wars – It’s thirsty business bidding for stashes of adventurer’s gear. Did you sneak a peak and see a magical artifact in there? Do you think the rest will be just as good, or is just junk?

(Don’t) Get Bit – when swimming away from a hungry shark, you don’t need to swim faster than the shark – only faster than your friends 😉

Up to 10 people can race in Formula D

You have to zoom in quite a way to see the tiny cars in Formula D. While racing you’re constantly changing gears (different dice) and switching lanes to ensure you get through the tricky bends in the course. You’re supposed to do two laps but with all the calculation it took us an hour just to do one.

Valley of the Kings: Afterlife One of a series of deceptively small deck-building card games with the theme of Ancient Egypt art and artifacts.

Closeup of Valley of the Kings

The Grizzled – this cooperative puzzle game has the theme of “war” but you’re not actually attacking anyone. You’re in the role of a group of friends who have been conscripted into the World War I, into the trenches, and you just want to survive until the end of the war so you can go home. Along the way, some of you may develop various nervous conditions or afflictions which will make progress more difficult.

Sure, it’s a sombre theme, but no one said all games needed to be about silly topics.

Pandemic: The Cure … it’s Pandemic but made into a dice game. Each player gets their own set of unique dice which give them different powers to help the team fight the diseases. Has a strong push-your-luck element as well – if you’re too reckless, the diseases will infect the world faster!

Tetris Link a lovely, light and colourful game where you need to drop classic Tetris shapes down into the grid to try to connect up with your colour without leaving any gaps. This one was found in a charity store!

Hi I’m Lisa

I’m on the left there in the photo above.

I’m an furniture upholsterer and assembler, and I started coming to Cafe Games about 12 months ago, having found out about it through Meetups and Facebook

Timeline: Movies and Music is probably my favourite game at the moment, it’s cool because I think I already know what years things came out, but then I’m like ohhhh it wasn’t that, it was this other year … damn!

There’s just so many games out there I’m not sure what I’d play next … Portal looks intriguing – the video game remake one. I played the video game and the boardgame looks a little in-depth, but intriguing. No, I don’t think there’s any cake in it. (There is)

I also play games at the Discerning Gamer and Nerdspace (Croydon)

I’ve only just recently started playing games with friends since I’ve found a couple of them who will play, and they’ve convinced my partner to play. Normally it’s light games like Cards Against Humanity and drinking games like The Kevin Bloody Wilson game (Pub Krawl)

My favourite movie is “Bring It On” – yes the cheerleading film – no I’m not a cheerleader – either that or “Stick It” – yes I know they’re both quite similar!

Christmas Time!

I’m not Christian, but I know it’s nice to spend time with family and friends at this time of year. If you’re thinking of buying them some games as gifts, here are a couple of links that might be handy:

  • Board Game Shopper – this site lets you compare the price of the same game across multiple shops. Note a) not all shops are on that site – you could phone others b) some of the shops are online c) some of the shops aren’t based in Victoria, some aren’t based in Australia, but they all deliver to Australia
  • Boardgames of Oz Sale and Trade This is a popular Facebook group where people can buy and sell second hand games, sometimes even unopened. You can look or search the group without joining Facebook, but you’ll need an account to contact any sellers.

Christmas Tree 2 image

Annual Board Games Picnic!

Hope to see lots of you at the Annual Cafe Games boardgames picnic this weekend!

When: Saturday 17 Dec, 12 midday to 6pm
Where: Oak Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens
More Info:

It’s a fun little change of scene for the end of each year, playing games and having a picnic in a park. Have a look at the Facebook link for more instructions.

Best Wishes…

Wishing you all, my friends, a happy end to the year with hopes for an exciting new year with lots of fun and games 🙂

Cafe Games will be returning on Saturday January 14th, at the Celtic Club … but after that … stay tuned!

~ Christopher


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