Dave, Carol and a Video

11 Nov

In this episode, you’ll find out a little about our regulars Dave and Carol, see a video of last month’s Cafe Games and some other interesting little tit-bits…


… and now, meet some more of our Cafe Games regulars …

“Hello I’m Dave!”

(Dave with glasses)

“I’m a graphic designer, an artist. I started coming to Cafe Games about hmmm … 4, 5 years ago… through Meetup.com

My new favourite board game would be Powergrid. I’ve just played it for the first time today and I loved it. It has a lot of tactics involved, constantly changing tactics, the gameplay changes as the game evolves. I’m looking forward to trying Carcassone, it’s an old game but it’s slipped my radar and I haven’t played it yet

I also go to Godzilla Games, Cardboard City Games, and Euro Games Fest

My favourite food? Tricky… everything? … would have to be Thai food.”

“Hello I’m Carol!”

“Away from Cafe Games, I do table tennis, lots of different games, walking, crochet, knitting… lots of things.

I guess I first started coming to Cafe Games about 2-3 years ago, I belong to Meetup – this is one of 14 Meetup groups I’m in, so it’s hard to keep track. I also play games at Altona Meadows and Goblin Gamers in Footscray.

Codenames is my favourite game because I’m an ex English teacher and I love playing with vocabulary. I’d like to play Mysterium again, only played it once and would like to try it again. (That’s the one that’s like Dixit, with different stages to work out a murder mystery).

In terms of food, I love a really nice country salad.”

Australian Tabletop Games

I volunteered at the PAX Australia convention again last weekend, and we had this lovely table of Australian games set up. I hope you recognise some of them! (Click to enlarge)

RIP – The Corkman – a home of gaming

I’m sure you’ve heard the terrible story in the media about the sneaky developers who illegally demolished The Corkman, a 159-year old heritage hotel in Carlton. (They did it without seeking permission, also it was heritage protected and also they came back to do continue even when they’d been told to stop).

Some of you may recall that for years the Corkman was the home of Cafe Games’ daughter gaming group “Euro Games at the Corkman” – now known as Cardboard City club, at the Metropolitan Hotel.

The Age: “Call for ‘hefty fines’ after illegal wreckers flatten 159-year-old Carlton pub”

See You Tomorrow!!

I’ll look forward to seeing you at Cafe Games tomorrow! There will be party games, and strategy games … some new new games, and some new old games 🙂

~ Christopher


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