Moar photos!!

9 Sep

Photo time!!! As you can see we’ve got a bunch of photos from Cafe Games day in August, just in time to get you excited for Cafe Games September this weekend!!!

Hedbanz still going strong. I’m delighted that so many people have enjoyed this party game at Cafe Games. I’m sure that if we didn’t have a dedicated party games section, this game would not have surfaced.

Machi Koro – the game where you’re building a cute little city, but it also feels like you’re playing roulette – each building is you putting money on a particular winning number!

Machi Koro again … this time with a bunch of expansions

Rapid fire play with Anomia . I guess it’s a bit like “spin the bottle” – you’re sitting on the edge of your seat as play goes around where will it stop?? But here it doesn’t just pick one person, it picks two – then QUICK! The race is on! Can you name a superpower before your opponent names an extinct animal? Or a newspaper? Or a card game?

mmm chips … and Fluxx

Chronology … I’m intrigued that these days it seems to be more popular at Cafe Games than Timeline … why is that? I gather Chronology’s older, has no pictures and is hard to get, but is it more fun? (I’ll put any comments I receive here)

Boss Monster – be the monster at the end of the 8-bit computer game dungeon. Fill your dungeon with deadly traps so those stupid heroes stumble in and die. But do it faster than your opponents!

Never seen Antidote being played with such few players! (It can play up to 7) How did it go?
I like to compare this game to Cluedo (or even Mystery of the Abbey) – each of them have the basic idea that one card is removed from a deck which is then dealt out to everyone, and you have to work out which card is missing by gathering information and carefully finding out what the other players know …

The Resistance: Avalon still with us! Everyone’s keeping poker faces while they select which voting pebble they’ll choose to put in their fist.

The new version of the Archaeology card game. Hmm doesn’t look like you’re playing it quite how I recall … but as long as you’re having fun, that’s the main thing 🙂

Excellent Stacey, ducking out of shot at just the right moment! 😛
Playing Tsuro!

Dedicated Mahjong players.

Alhambra – building pretty Spanish palaces

The Game (Are You Ready To Play?) ! I don’t quite get the attraction, but it seems the rest of you just can’t seem to get enough of it!
(any comments?)

Ahh yes this was quite unfortunate … we came sooo close in this cooperative game of Forbidden Desert and yet just at the last moment the savage heat of the desert slaughtered two of our poor comrades… such bad luck

Citadels – trying to guess what all the other players are planning on doing this turn.

Carcassonne – ahh the map looks a lot less messy when you don’t use the optional river starting pieces.

Spin those dials! Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar – Watch out guys, you’re just about to be slaughtered by one of the masters of the art. She’s got a bit of a track record!

Pandemic! Time for Jason’s thinking cap.

Ooooh looks like some real intrigue is going on here on Battlestar Galactica! Is she suspecting that his reaction is a bit fake? Is he actually an alien Cylon?? Or is she just taking this moment to engage in some dodgy dealing herself?

A whole ecosystem of hungry animals gathering around the waterhole in Evolution.

Maybe to you it’s “Settlers” but these days it’s been rebranded to just Catan

You four really love Bohnanza! I know I snapped you playing last month as well … I should go back and see if I have you in other shots as well!

Randall introducing us to Paperback – a clever game where the new style of Deckbuilder card games meets a word game! I’m looking forward to trying this myself!

Balance experts taking on Uno Stacko

… and then showing their mastery of Rhino Hero

It’s trickier than it seems! 😛

See you this weekend!

Should be fun 🙂
~ Christopher


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