Dashing through June

30 Jun

Only a few photos this time. Bit of an irony, that an event as busy as June, with so many friends and games, would have less photos, but you’ve got to allow me *some* time to play myself!! 😛

If you’re on Facebook, remember to click through the photos to tag your friends in the photos in case they didn’t see them!

Articulate! Don’t stumble over your words, you’re on the clock!!

Chronology – remarkably popular for an educational game! Randal, you must have the knack of promoting these games!

Codenames, still in high demand, and very fresh. I don’t get the sense that anyone is becoming too much of a “pro” at the game. Probably because it’s a team game – different people will pick up on different clues.

Speaking of Codenames, reviews are starting to appear for Codenames Pictures and reviewers quite enjoy it, with some preferring it over the original!

Cockroach Poker / Kakerlakenpoker. Sure, you might not like beastly bugs, crawling cockroaches, rabid rats … but the aim of this game is to trick the other players into taking them from you!! (But really, the cards are very cute!)

Ahh the colourful whimsy of Dixit

Saboteur. A mid-game rule check … hmm I can see the goal cards you were digging your tunnels towards are too close together.

Two games of “The Game” running at the same time (front table and one behind). I still haven’t played this, and have the feeling I’m missing out on what might be lots of fun.

Telestrations After Dark. The hilarious Telestrations game of terrible drawings given the rude Cards Against Humanity treatment. I’m not sure I want to know what she’s pointing at! 😯
Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel recently included Telestrations on his list of “Top 10 Games that are more fun when you’re bad at them”


Bang!! – it’s all smiles for now, but later will descend into accusations and gunfire.

A terrific Egyptian-themed “deckbuilder” style card game – Valley of the Kings – being played using the box for Seasons as a “lazy susan” rotating tray so that each player could see the “pyramid” of available cards up their way on their turn.

Valley of the Kings is more like the original deckbuilding game Dominion than modern “deckbuilding plus other stuff” games like Legendary, or Thunderstone. The concept of this game is filling your tomb with the best items. But those are your cards, and in order to earn points you’ll have to choose when to get rid of your most useful cards. It’s a tricky dilemma, a game of chicken.

Colt Express … a mob of squabbling outlaws ride up to a passing train and leap aboard, liberating precious items from the passengers, and brawling among themselves. They’ll have to make their getaway before the train reaches its final station where the lawmen await.

In this expansion to Colt Express you can also leap from the train onto a passing stagecoach and bail up the rich people there. It’s popular to climb out of the carriage and run along the train roof, reminiscent of the fight scenes of many action movies…

Bond Fight

Lost Property

Lost property found after the June Cafe Games. To me the yellow cord looks like someone has pulled it out from a copy of Love Letter (but who would pull it out?) And the money-bag is from Colt Express. There was also a tile from the Cafe Games copy of Acquire.
If your pieces are here, please contact me on cafegamesemail

Please be extra careful when you’re playing other people’s games. Check under the table when you’re helping to pack up the game you played. A small amount of wear is expected, but some pieces make a game unplayable if they’re lost. 😦

See you THIS Saturday!!

Yes, that’s right, Cafe Games is on *this* Saturday – 2nd July. One week early from our usual 2nd Saturday of the month, but apparently the venue was already booked when I made my reservations last year.

Check http://facebook.com/CafeGames for more details, photos, videos and more.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
~ Christopher

PS … just noticed this video from the Snakes n Lattes boardgame cafe chain in Canada. Lo and behold – it stars an Australian – Dan R, who used to come to Cafe Games! Yep, living the dream, mate!


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