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12 Feb

These events start softly at first, but at our peak we had such a large excitable crowd that we ran out of space and tables!! I guess that’s being a victim of your own success! Make sure you come early to get good seats.

Dixit – always a pleasure to play this beautiful game.

“The Game” – yep, its actual name. With only subtle hints, you have to work with the other players in order to try to play all of your numbered cards onto ascending or descending piles.

Chronology – probably educational but definitely fun – how well do you know when things happened?

Love Letter, the original microgame. Fun and intrigue with only 16 cards.

Dixit Codenames again! Go here to tell us why you like it more than the original “wordy” Codenames. (or if you don’t!)

Cards Against Humanity. Surely everyone’s heard of this by now? Bit old-hat really.

Great to see the old classics come out! This is Greed, a dice-rolling predecessor to Zombie Dice,  Dino Dice etc. (Yes, all descended from Farkle)

Tsuro – round and round we go on the twisty paths. Who’ll be the last to fall off?

Headbanz – who are you? Teddy Bear meets Harry Potter, meets … Chicago?

Carol does a great job teaching people to play the classic “almost a card game” Rummikub. It’s related to simple card games like Gin, Rummy and Canasta, but also more complex games like Mahjong. There’s some belief that Rummikub has gained popularity due to some conservative and religious cultures that regard any use of cards as immoral, but have no issue with numbered tiles!

Later on, Carol’s found some enthusiastic new pupils 🙂

Articulate – like the classic game Taboo (“of unspeakable words”) except in this game all the words you’ll be guessing will be from a common category determined by your team’s position on the board.

Panic on Wall Street Part 1: The Deal
In this game you see the Investors on the left rush around trying to snap up good deals being spruiked by the Managers on the right.

Panic On Wall Street Part 2: The Cash!
Time to find out who’s rolling in the money, and who had to sell the shirt off their back!

Chaosmos! Exotic aliens sneak around the universe trying to find the hidden Ovoid. Only someone holding it will win at the end of the game, so you’d better be careful – if you find it then maybe you should hide it again, in case someone bristling with alien weapons mugs you for it!

Intriguingly, Chaosmos was inspired by a favourite young adult novel “Interstellar Pig”, which reportedly was inspired by childhood memories of the still-popular game “Cosmic Encounter”.

Bohnanza – driving a hard bargain.

Last Night on Earth being taught

Wait a moment … the waterlogged robots in this game of Get Bit seem to be swimming towards the jaws of the shark, instead of away!! No wonder they’re getting their limbs bitten off!

Legendary: Marvel – help coordinate a team of Marvel heroes (eg Spider-Man, Hulk, Cyclops, Wolverine, etc) who are attempting to defeat one of their famous foes (eg Magneto – with all his minions of course). Every time you play, your team may have different heroes and different adversaries.

Legendary: Marvel again! Obviously very popular. Surprising to see exactly the same version being played at the same time when there are other popular versions including ones where you play the Marvel Villains, or re-enact the Aliens or Predator movies. Coming up soon: versions for “Firefly” and “Big Trouble in Little China”.

As the crew of Battlestar Galactica, you just want the ship to reach Earth. But all these onboard dramas like food contamination, fuel shortage, and political unrest – are they just bad luck or are some of the crew secretly evil robot saboteurs?

Scoundrels of Skullport – an expanded version of Lords Of Waterdeep. You’re still a noble lord organising teams of expendable mercenary heroes to go out on quests on your behalf … but now your underhand dealings can accumulate Corruption points that will damage your score.

Mahjong – building the wall (it’s like forming cards into a deck). They’ll later be drawing tiles (cards?) from this wall.

Mahjong – like many card games, there’s a discard pile in the middle of the table. Occasionally you can grab the most recent tile, like grabbing a card on the top of a discard pile.

Classic old party game of Balderdash. (Once upon a time a parlor game called “Dictionary” where one player would find a weird word in a dictionary and challenge others to provide meanings for it)

Johari – a strategic game of gem trading, earning victory points in a number of different ways.

Telestrations – not the dirty version! Drawing silly pictures is still lots of fun…

Ticket to Ride, this time building train tracks across Europe. (North is the right side of the map. Tilt your head to see England in the North West corner)

Settlers of Catan. Trade your way to a massive empire, on a tiny table.
Correction: it’s now been renamed to simply “Catan”.

Isn’t it funny how the waves of popular games pass through and then die down? We haven’t seen much of Resistance, or Avalon Resistance in a while. A year or so ago we’d easily have 3-4 games of it running at the same time.

In the News…

Weird story from Thailand the other day about how police raided a club of senior citizens playing the card game Bridge. The police were quite disbelieving the claim that folks would play a game “just for fun”, insisting that there must be gambling somehow involved. It just goes to show that there are still many people in the world (even in Australia) who haven’t been exposed to the “pure” fun of playing games for their own sake. Games can be social, intellectual, stimulating, relaxing …

The Age: “Unusual suspects: Two elderly Australians among tourist bridge players arrested in Thailand”

See you tomorrow!

Yes it’s Cafe Games again tomorrow. I know some of you have been impatiently waiting for it to arrive … well only one more sleep!!

See you there everyone,
🙂 Christopher


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