November: Husbands and Codes?

11 Dec

After having videos for the last two months, back to the old-skool style of having a stream of games photographs instead!

Five lovely young women seeking marriage, preferably to an aloof gentleman possessing a mansion or two, in Marrying Mr Darcy.
(Intriguingly, in the end it was the three … err … hairiest … of the ladies who were successful in gaining husbands … hmmm 🙂 )

When you’ve got some Concepts to convey, using only a sheet of abstract clues.

Current hit game Codenames: from single word clues given by your team-mate, can you pick which white word cards belong to your team, without accidentally picking the other team’s cards – or even the deadly Assassin’s card?

Classic Rummikub

Classic game of Scrabble

Teaching the classic card trading game Bohnanza

Back by popular demand – Telestrations: After Dark.
“I’ve no idea what this picture is, but I know it’s dirty”

Pyramix – demolishing a pyramid, one inscribed cube at a time…

Play testing a Sye Robertson game prototype: Rum Runners.

Our brains are sponges soaking up so much information every day. Unfortunately most of what we encounter is advertising. Finally put your knowledge of advertising slogans, jingles and packaging to the test in Logo the Boardgame.

Yep, it’s another game of Codenames!

Ahh, the controversial “new” game Melbourne Monopoly. Full of lots of tourist locations like Bells Beach, Dandenong Ranges and with many spots on the board sold off to advertisers, including “Herald Sun” Community Chest and “Gold 104” Chance … and even the money:


Luckily we had Monopoly expert Ben on hand to show us some dirty tricks professional Monopoly players use. I was broke and out in an hour!

A very popular Codenames variation – using Dixit cards!

Chronology – an old game very similar to Timeline. Try to put events in chronological order – or someone else will get the chance.

Legendary: Encounters. Currently regarded as the best game based on the “Aliens” horror movies. Naturally quite tough and vicious.

Cheaty Mages – magicians aren’t known to be the most honest – so it should surprise no-one that instead of simply betting on the results of a fight, they try to subtly influence it from the sidelines.

Could this be Codenames?

The new Portal game – vaguely related to the computer game of the same name, with the same cavalier disregard for the lives of test subjects. But there is cake! Really! You win by accumulating the most. Honest.


Wow, I’ve never seen Marrying Mr Darcy being played by girls only!

Learn to play In The Year of the Dragon with Bayden!

Once the game everyone was playing … it’s good to see some people still playing The Resistance.

Betrayal At House on the Hill – five friends sneak into a creepy old haunted house … but halfway through their adventure, one of them suddenly starts attacking the others – he’s not who he seems to be … he’s a vampire lord, or a mad scientist … or … there are so many stories.

Running the town of Waterdeep isn’t easy – there are so many adventurers you have to send off on quests, and buildings to construct.
Lords of Waterdeep

Wow, another once hyper-popular game Cards Against Humanity. Still a hit with those who haven’t played it enough.

Two more games of Dixit Codenames! (back table also)

Hedbanz Identity Crisis – race against the timer to ask Yes/No questions about the person, place or thing on your card.
Here we have: Tokyo, Desert and Principal’s Office.

Build up your region of Paris while trying to work out how to keep the plague at bay and how much money to contribute to the Notre Dame cathedral.

A clash of galactic proportions – alien nations colonising each other’s planets through warfare and careful negotions -the newest version of Cosmic Encounter


Yes, we’ve got our annual Summertime Games Picnic again tomorrow (Saturday 12 Dec). I remember last year people begged me to hold a games picnic every month – but then it wouldn’t be special would it? 🙂

For details, see our calendar above, or Cafe Games on Facebook, or Meetup.

See you soon!
~ Christopher


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