It’s Kinda Like …

10 Sep

When people ask what a particular game is like, it’s always very tempting to compare it to another game they might know.
“It’s like this … with a bit of that thrown in …”

Check out the fun board games (and card games) we played in our August event … many of them were similar to other games … or maybe just in my head …

Hedbanz – this was VERY popular and apparently hilarious … it’s like Celebrity Heads except players could be non-human objects as well. In the photo above, we have “Tiger Woods”, “Gym”, “Garage” and “Harry Potter”. Players must ask yes/no answer questions within a certain amount of time, or pass.

Messing around in the lab with beakers and test tubes, trying to find the Antidote … while trying to hide it from the other players (how evil !!) … kinda like a card game version of Cluedo

The much hyped Exploding Kittens game which many people have been desperate to buy after popular webcomic The Oatmeal announced they were making a game. Draw cards until you get wiped out by a naughty exploding kitten … protect yourself with unicorns, tacocats and more.
Emma says she thought she was surrounded by exploding kittens.

Sweet Tooth – a brand new game from local group Firestorm Studio. It’s a bit like Billionaire with more tactics – grab sweets, hoping to get sets of your favourite types, avoiding diets and hoping to win the ability to steal your opponent’s collections.

Them & Us – a (quote) “deliberately provocative” game found in a second-hand shop. Players separate into two teams – females vs males and each team needs to name items on their choice of “male” or “female” oriented topics. Sounds lame, but apparently wasn’t too bad. (Promotional Video Here)

Rummikub – derived from classic card games like Rummy, Gin and Canasta, but with a bit of a puzzle feel – “how can I rearrange things so that I can get rid of my tiles?”
In theory there’s a two minute time limit per player, but I know many people who play Rummikub socially without the limit, but with lots of chatting 🙂

Interestingly … I’ve just discovered this:

Over the years, a number of different religious groups have associated playing cards with gambling, and have enforced a strict prohibition against all card games, regardless of whether they were gambling games or not. Rummikub arose as an alternative to this prejudice against playing cards. It is a purely numbered tile game with no images of kings & queens, or other royalty. Rummikub is considered by millions of lay men and women around the world, as socially relaxing and interactive play for all ages. Also clergymen and clergywomen of many denominations enjoy this peaceful and enjoyable game. (The House of Cards)

The Resistance: Avalon – a “wretched hive of scum and villainy” – all ready to betray each other at a moment’s notice – who can you really trust?

Dear me, is Cards Against Humanity an addiction? It seems you can never pry some folks away from it – and their habit requires more and MORE cards.

Precarious Uno Stacko

Ca$h & Gun$ doesn’t really bode well for “honour amongst thieves”…
“Thanks for helping me rob the bank, I know I said you’d get a share, but my gun says otherwise. Sorry… You’re probably asking yourself whether I’d really shoot you. How lucky do you feel?”

The beautifully surreal cards of Dixit

Digging a gold mine should be easy for dwarves, but who is caving in the tunnels, ruining their tools and sending them in the wrong direction? Someone must be a Saboteur!

R-Eco – a competitive game of sorting rubbish for recycling. (With occasional illegal dumping) (Yes, rest assured you do get penalised for that)

A bit like Taboo, Articulate has your team mates trying to guess what you’re trying to describe to them. At least here they generally know the topic, as selected by the spinner in the middle of the board you’re racing around.

Forbidden Desert … drastically ran out of water … came down to a very tense period when three of us were hiding out in the tunnels while we loaded all remaining water onto Rebecca so she could go out into the blazing sun to dig our escape route …

Takenoko – a tranquil game of growing delightful Japanese bamboo gardens while a sweet panda bear wobbles around … OR IT WOULD BE if the annoying panda didn’t keep eating your precious bamboo!!!

Classic Stefan Feld eurogame – The Castles of Burgundy – develop your own section of mediaeval France, trying to become the most prosperous region.

Pandemic with Love Letter squeezed in on the side … odd, I see a whole free table behind … I guess they just didn’t want to take up too much space! 🙂
[insert in here witty comment about people romancing while others are desperately trying to save the world]

Rarrr! Monsters running rampant around Tokyo and the whole table! King of Tokyo

Much mirth in Telestrations – misunderstandings build on misunderstandings leading to people drawing the most ridiculous things …
[I’ve withheld a picture taken shortly after this where everyone has cracked and are literally crying with laughter]

Acquire – awesome game of trying to predict which companies are going to grow large and swallow up other companies, and if you work it out, trying to capitalise on it without your opponents realising. It’s not like anything else I’ve ever played.
I’ve picked up an almost free copy at a charity shop if someone would like a copy?

Before they were murder suspects in Cluedo, all of the characters really did want to Kill Doctor Lucky – but he’s just so infuriatingly lucky that just as you take a shot, he’ll bend down to tie his shoe, or suddenly realise he needs to be somewhere else and change direction. A silly game where yes, everyone wants to kill him, but you can only do it if no one else can see you. And your weapon might not be a gun or lead-piping, but maybe a giant rubber mallet, or  a tight hat.

The Capitals – the board game where the actual board only has enough space for the SIX different scoring tracks! It’s a clever game for clever people as you build an intricate city grid on the table in front of you. Many of the building tiles interact with each other in a variety of ways at different times. It’s a bit like the old computer game Sim City!

Argent: The Consortium – a very intricate euro game in which you use manipulation and a bit of magic to win the role of the head of a magical university (no, not the famous “Unseen University” )

Hey! Did you know?

  • Simon Pearce… Part of life means having to say goodbye to friends and loved ones. Unfortunately our friend Simon Pearce has finally succumbed to his battle with cancer. Simon has attended Cafe Games events since 2011 and will be well known to many attendees of “EuroGames at the Corkman” – later “EuroGames at the Royal Standard”. Our thoughts are with Simon’s wife Sonika and their family.

    Simon on the right, playing Hive with Bob (2011)

  • September 19th: The Pirate Tavern and Market… This year on “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, there’s going to be a Pirate Tavern running at our occasional venue The Bull and Bear. That sounds like lots of fun, especially when they’re setting up a special piratey games room off to one side! For more information or to purchase tickets.
  • September 27th: Conquer Cancer Gaming Convention… a day long charity games event in Point Cook. The host, Brice, is raising money as part of the Ride To Conquer Cancer initiative. For more information or to purchase tickets.

See you on Saturday!

I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday 12 September, for another great day of friends & games!

~ Christopher


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  1. Miss Bec September 12, 2015 at 8:39 am #

    What a heroine!

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