Baby, it’s cold outside!

7 Aug

An epic day of board gaming fun. Was it because the weather was so miserable outside? Highly likely. But, it didn’t matter, we had such a great time indoors, laughing together, challenging, racing, puzzling, chatting …

Starting the day with Backgammon, possibly theoldest game still played – thought to go back 5,000 years or more, played by Romans, Greeks, Chinese, possibly Egyptians and Persians etc…

Tsuro – unlike Backgammon this delightfully simple game is merely made to look like it’s from ancient times

The Logo Board Game – it’s often quite unexpected who will reveal their secret expertise in Australian advertising slogans. At least in this game, your secret shame is a triumph!

Cluedo – the classic murder mystery game! Whodunnit?

Can’t Stop – yes they’re moving little traffic cones over a board shaped like a Stop sign. It’s a race from one side to the other, but you can just keep rolling dice and moving your pieces. The race could be over in no time! But … if you roll the wrong numbers, you could lose all the progress you’ve made. You’ve got to decide when you’ve pushed your luck far enough…

Funemployed – unemployed eccentrics trying to explain why their oddities mean that they should be the person to get the job.

Bohnanza – wheeling and dealing, trading cards and estimating the value of the cards. You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, you’ve got to know when to … uproot your beans

There’s lots of Incan Gold to be found in the temple, but if you stay in there too long you’ll fall into a trap … but how sad would it be to run back to your tent only to hear that those still in the temple found a massive treasure trove?

Ye olde “Cranium Australian Edition”. Trivia, acting, drawing, spelling and more, with lots of Australian references.

Mahjong addicts 🙂

Who’s the most shrewd negotiator? You’d think it would be easy to divide up piles of money, but how do you convince people that you deserve more than your fair share? I’m The Boss!!

Boss Monster – construct deadly 6-bit dungeons for foolhardy adventurers to run through.

The bizarre game Fluxx whose rules keep changing while you play. Right now anyone who possesses the “baked goods” – ie The Bread and The Cookie – will win … but in a moment after a player has changed the direction of play, changed the number of cards players can hold and stolen a card from a neighbour, he may change it so that the winner requires “Squishy chocolate” – ie The Sun and The Chocolate …

Dead of Winter – “Winter is coming!” and so are the Zombies!
You’re only called a “survivor” because you haven’t died yet. If the zombies don’t get you, it will be the freezing cold, or starvation, or illness, or maybe those selfish other survivors who have kicked you out of the barricaded colony, to eke out a living on the cold streets of the ruined town…

Not Lords of Waterdeep again, Jason?

Guilty merchants consider paying a special “tax” to encourage the Sheriff of Nottingham to turn a blind eye to their bag of “completely legal” goods.

Alchemists – an intricate game where rival alchemists boil up mystical components, trying to work out how to make magical potions. (And hey, sometimes you might need to sell some of those potions for extra cash, even if you’re not entirely sure that you’ve made the right thing!) The game uses a phone app to reveal the experiment results.

A lucky group of new players gets taught how to play the wonderful game Dixit

Qwirkle, Chips n Veg

Tiny Epic Defenders – work together to protect your tiny kingdom from marauding monsters in this cooperative “micro game”.

Settlers of Catan – such a classic game of building and trading your way to a successful colony. And now … the rights have been acquired to make it into a movie. Really.

“Dungeon Petz” – it’s the name of a pet shop that sells monsters! A troop of imps run around taking care of the monsters: feeding them, cleaning them, keeping them amused, and making them perform for the creepy customers. And you, you’re the evil overlord of that pet shop!!! Muahahahah!
(By the way, it’s quite an elaborate strategy game, despite the amusing theme)

Ancient Terrible Things – a creepy journey through a eerie jungle. Fight monsters and discover lost secrets.

Princes Of Florence – for now you just have an empty plot of land, but if you hire the right builders to build the right buildings, you just might get artists and scholars flocking to you, bringing much prestige to your family.

Ghost Stories – ahh the epic highs and lows of this ornate cooperative game! Four Taoist monks strive to push back waves of evil supernatural creatures. Making plans together and individually deciding to take risks. The excitement when a plan comes together! High-fives all round 🙂

Marrying Mr Darcy – always such a delightful exercise in high camp and undercutting each other’s attempts to find a man to marry.
“Dearest sister – don’t wear yourself out chasing after Colonel Fitzwilliam. You should know that a man of his rank requires a more refined and elegant woman, such as myself. Perhaps you should seek a man of … more simple tastes? I hear the diminutive Mr Collins is quite keen to find someone and wouldn’t mind a homely face….”

Pandemic: The Cure Wow it had been too long since we’d tried the dice version of the cooperative game Pandemic. Yes, we did decide to increase the difficulty setting, but we didn’t count on forgetting a major rule that made the game ten times more difficult! (Why is this so common with Pandemic? Is it that you trust the other players more in games like this?)

Ice Cream! The perfect end to a lovely evening 🙂

But also…


Congratulations Siew-Li on winning the TGE Australian Rummikub Championships on the weekend!!
Siew-Li and second-place winner Tanya have both attended Cafe Games many times, and we rarely have an event where someone isn’t playing Rummikub. (And remember there’s also Mahjong!)


Never has a game been so feared and misunderstood as Dungeons and Dragons.

On Monday August 15th, the Victorian Skeptics will be presenting a light hearted talk by anthropologist Dr David Waldron.

The Devil’s own board game: Satanism, moral panic and Dungeons and Dragons.”

Sounds like it could be good. Entry $4 at 8pm after a social Lygon Street dinner from 6pm

For more details see events at the Victorian Skeptics

…Shifty Eyes!

…See you soon!

Well that’s all for now. I hope you had a great time at Cafe Games in July, I look forward to seeing you at Cafe Games August this Saturday from midday! (See the calendar at the top)

~ Christopher


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  1. Rebecca August 7, 2015 at 6:44 am #

    This looks brilliant Hun.
    Seriously impressed! 😊

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