Long Time Coming!!

12 Jun

Yikes! It seems soooooo long since the Cafe Games day in May! I’m really hanging out for the one tomorrow!

Scrabble Rebus – so much more than just a colourful version of Scrabble!

Close up of Scrabble Rebus – instead of making words out of letters, you’re using letters and symbols to come up with all sorts of strange sentences.

The (advertising) Logo Board Game – with Gemblo waiting in the wings …

If you Squint your eyes just right, you’ll make out what pictures they’re trying to make out of the random shapes.

We’ve each got two hands, why not play Blokus with two colours each? A double puzzle!

Battling time travellers! Try to fix history the way you want it to be! Okay, so they like to be called Chrononauts instead…

It’s him!!! One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Toot toot! Time to drive your life around the Game of Life

Cards Against Humanity. Offensiveness made easy!

Sheep stations were never so lively! Squatter

Sheriff of Nottingham … looks like the Sheriff is a bit sceptical of the claims of this “trusty” merchant.

Marvel Legendary. SUPERHEROES!!

Telestrations – heads down for some crazy picture-drawing

A remarkably sedate looking moment during the frenzy of Perpetual Commotion

Once Upon a Time … move over Dixit … this is a real storytelling game …

Mahjong – Katie’s nearly all out!! Only 3 tiles left to find a combination for…

Leo partaking of some performance enhancing substances during Mahjong

What happened Saba? Did others beat you to the Incan Gold?

Carcassonne … tranquil country-side, or political minefield?

Imperial with poker chips??

Mysterium – “like Dixit combined with Cluedo” … one player is the ghost who uses cards with surreal “Dixit” like images to try to give cryptic clues to the other players who are psychics.

Biblios” … I gather that means we were mediaeval monks collecting books for our monasteries. But it was more of a light abstract strategy game. With dice that you never roll, just keeping track of prices!

Cards Against … Telestrations ? A strange new mash-up of games.

Waleed and Kai look shocked to have escaped the Forbidden Desert!

Ahhh classic Franco … we’re sorry to see you go 😦


Dbridge_article (2)id you see my extra blog post on the weekend? … A cute little article from 1927, I found about the different types of people you meet while playing games … Game Playing Personalities

And on the lighter side, thanks to Michael for sending this in … if you’ve ever been frustrated by the complexity of “euro” games … here’s a little sketch about “If tag was a euro game” …

See You Tomorrow!!



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