Tweet Repeat! (The Tabletop Day That Was)

30 Apr

So a few weeks ago we celebrated Wil Wheaton‘s “International Tabletop Day”, and because he likes the whole “hashtag” thing, I “live tweeted” photos from our Cafe Games session that day. I don’t usually use Tweeter (Twitter?) much so I did fumble it and lose some shots … but if you were following the Cafe Games Twitter feed that day, this is what you would have seen:

Time: 12pm

(Time markers in case you need to jump to a specific time)

Ooops that didn’t work!!

Time: 1pm

Time: 2pm

Time: 3pm

Time: 4pm

^ This photo was favourited by Geoff Englestein, co-creator of Space Cadets!!!

Time: 5pm

Time: 6pm

^ Favourited by “Geek and Sundry” – the folks who make the Tabletop Show!

Time: 7pm

Time: 8pm

Time: 9pm onwards


Congratulations! You’ve won a bonus boardgames day! Come along this Saturday 2nd May for our regular Cafe Games day, a week early. As usual 12-5pm party/social games, after 5pm strategy, party, whatever you want.

Feel free to invite your friends through our Cafe Games Facebook page event! In fact Facebook has just added a new feature where you can subscribe to our event notifications! (otherwise you might miss them)

Time: Happily Ever After 🙂

See you then! ~ Christopher


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