Tabletop Day this Saturday!

9 Apr

Hope you’re getting excited for our event for International Tabletop Day this Saturday 11th April? #tabletopday !

But here in Melbourne, we never need any excuses to have big games events. We have so many! Here’s our big Cafe Games event last month…

Ahhh … fun and games, with friends!

Uno Stacko (Jenga) – with a few conservative players, you can get to this point where the tower can’t go any higher!

Blokus – bah, someone needs to pop Blue’s “bubble” before he fences off heaps of space for himself!

Time travellers are supposed to be very careful not to step on bugs, or kill their own ancestors! Don’t change anything!! Except in Chrononauts, you run through time changing many things, stealing treasures! Above all, make sure your reality still exists at the end of the game … oh and hopefully you haven’t destroyed the universe with your paradoxes.

We’re all happy dwarves tunnelling for gold – but in a sudden crash the lights go out and someone has smashed up your tools! Who’s the Saboteur?

“I’m The Boss!” “Okay, sure you are … but if you don’t cut me into this deal for at least 7 million, I’ll walk away and no-one will get anything…”

You might not like to admit it, but we’ve all absorbed advertising and jingles pitched at us everyday. Normally it might be a shameful secret, but while playing Logo (Australian Edition) it feels like a relief to get rewarded for your knowledge!

Telestrations – proof you can have great fun without needing to declare a winner. Sheer entertainment! Can’t draw well? That actually improves this game which takes misunderstanding to an art form 🙂

Sushi Go! Grab the sushi you want as it goes around and around the table. How adorable are the sushi pictures?! 🙂

The obligatory Cards Against Humanity photo. With a “Biggerer White Box” for when the Bigger Blacker Box gets too small for your needs!

Bohnanza: the classic deal-making card game. You’ve got to know when to hold them, you’ve got to know when … to uproot your beans …

Space Cadets: Dice Duel: Madcap space-antics as two teams of four players chaotically attempt to fly space-ships around the galaxy with all players in constant action, each manning a different part of their ship. Hilarious mistakes aplenty! You’d be lost if each team didn’t have a captain helping you out!

Firefly: The Game – for fans of the tv show – or just folks who like exploring the universe while engaging in questionable jobs here and there …

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – the latest refinement of the Werewolf concept. No one knows who anyone else is … and they might not even know who they are themselves! There’s no moderator. An app tells everyone when to open their eyes, and then you have less than 10 minutes to debate and come to a decision about who is the werewolf. Better get it right!

Ever reliable Mahjong fanatics!

Letters from Whitechapel – tracking down Jack the Ripper – apparently an EXTREMELY long game – they were all talking about it afterwards!

A few people are surviving the zombie apocalypse … but now, can they last out the most cruel weather conditions at the same time? Dead of Winter. You’re technically all on the same team … but you all have secret goals which keep you secretive and selfish, and someone might be working to sabotage the colony. As a team you might also have to make some tricky choices…
(BTW 3 and 5 players is only recommended for experts)

But now for something silly and light … it’s BATTLE SHEEP! hmmm


Cafe Games Tabletop Day

Well, we were going to have our big Cafe Games event this Saturday anyway, but it just so turns out that American Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop show on YouTube has declared the same day to be International Tabletop Games Day! (Like they thought that we wouldn’t be playing games already!) It’s going to be very big – lots of people and as a special one off … this time we’re not separating into two sessions – it’s “just play whatever you want” all day.

When: Saturday 11th April, 12pm-11pm
Where: Celtic Club, Melbourne CBD
Cost: Free, but gold coin donations accepted to cover rent, costs.

New people very welcome …

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