Strange Games Indeed!

6 Mar

Not many photos this month – I was too busy playing games for once!! It was nice to be back at the Celtic Club, lots of room for us!

While looking through these photos, it strikes me that the games are all quite unusual. Even though many of them are light and have easy rules, they’re not your old-school games!

Cards going everywhere, with everyone playing at the same time! That’s Perpetual Commotion!

A ubiquitous game of Dixit, still very popular and thoughtful! For hardcore Dixit fans, why not try “Musical Dixit” where all the clues are sung lyrics or hummed tunes? Or even “Dix Against Humanity” – a mash up with Cards Against Humanity.

Taboo – an oldie but a goodie … try to explain what you’re talking about without being able to use the most helpful words. Awkward?

Tsuro is quite a thirsty experience!

Oooh can’t remember what this one was called, but I gather it was a “partially homemade”? There’s a lovely range of magical symbols in the centre of the table.

Hmmmm, dare you meet the steely gaze of the Sheriff of Nottingham? No? There wouldn’t be contraband hiding in this green bag would there? You swore you were an honest merchant!! (… of course for a small “processing fee” we could forget this whole unfortunate incident …)

Ha! Controversial timing with this game of executing prisoners … though of course here it’s the French Revolution and the prisoners are mostly rich people – royalty, church officials, politicians … there’s a lot of fighting and switching places in the long winding queue that leads to the Guillotine (next to the glass of Coke)

An intriguing game, I didn’t catch the name – you have to stand and throw your cards onto the table, I think attacking a circle of cards in the centre of the table.

Ah, great to see a game of Iota – very much like Qwirkle, but it comes in a tiny tin! (And the pieces are cards instead of wooden blocks). If you don’t know either game, they’re like Scrabble without words!

At last, an action shot of Space Cadets: Dice Duel ! Players to the right are the White Team, players to the left are the Black Team. Each team is flying a spaceship around this square of space, trying to sneak up to the other craft, shoot it, and get away without getting attacked yourself. Each player is in constant motion doing their own job on the ship like steering, manning the guns, or even just keeping the engine running. It’s best to play with an extra player at each end of the table being the team captain, helping his crew and looking at the big picture. It’s a frantic and exciting game!

Much excitements to be had! Creatively building a map of the French countryside complete with fortified villages and a curved blue river. Welcome to Carcassonne!

Golem Arcana! A fancy new “miniatures” game that uses an electronic stylus to synchronise the game with a tablet app! Means less rules to remember I guess!

Ha! We couldn’t have a VIP table without cheesy grins! Still can’t work out if the Logo board game is better or worse with a few beers! It might help to remember Australian advertising jingles?

Lost Property

So who left this little chap behind? He won’t last long in my collection. We advertised him on the Cafe Games Facebook page, but no one claimed him. See here for more lost property from previous events

See you tomorrow!

Yes, that’s right, Cafe Games is on tomorrow, Saturday 7th March, you didn’t forget did you? 😉
~ Christopher


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