Good to see you too!

13 Feb

Everyone seemed pretty enthusiastic to be back at Cafe Games for the first time in 2015 … or maybe just so many of you are keen to pose for photos 🙂 It’s always a bit unusual (interesting!) to be in a special different venue just for January – The friendly Bull and Bear Tavern (but remember it’s just for January!)

Franco heartily recommends playing Tsuro!

HELLO!!! Pick who got up early that morning! 😛 Starting Fresco – the game of mediaeval painters working to recreate a church fresco, especially while the Bishop is watching! (And the hour you got up is indeed part of the game!)

Life at the royal court of Kingsburg – dice rolling, beer … and turning on the charm 😉

Grins this broad no doubt mean they’re up to something sneaky in their game of Resistance

Hmmm trying a more complex game, eh boys? Qwirkle! (Scrabble without letters – great fun!)

Wow, some unexpected people really shine at Logo – if you know this much about Australian products and advertising, you probably watch too much tv!! 🙂

Classic game of Rummikub. A tile laying game based on the classic card games … which were themselves based on the classic tile laying game Mahjong!

The strange cards of Dixit

Making modern Cubist sculptures out of dice!

Setting up pastures for … Battle Royale sheep-style! Battle Sheep!

We’re all spies – but which ones? Do you dare to dash down Spy Alley to complete your mission, or are the others too close to guessing who you are? Time to throw them off the scent!

Telestrations, the very silly drawing game, works very well with food on the table – or even with no table!

Gemblo – like 6 player Blokus or Tetris but cooler! Still not sure about the “clear” colour :/

Carol delights in making wacky newspaper headlines. “PSYCHIC PRIEST FLIRTS WITH DEAD!!”
All part of Man Bites Dog.

You! What have you got in your sack?? You’d better not be trying to sneak any contraband past the Sheriff of Nottingham! (Unless we can come to some … financial … arrangement….?)
(See the review by the silly guys at Sit Down and Shut Up)

Desperate dinosaurs getting absolutely bullied by the harsh weather swings on this forsaken island. Evo! (It’s not a dirty word)

Who’s the traitor? Enter as friends, leave screaming as you flee the evil imposter you trusted. Betrayal at the House on the Hill – very different plots every time!

Parma and Pandemic – saving the world together, the easy way. Interesting how so many people play open-handed, when having closed hands was supposed to be a fun part of the game! 😛

Rival mayors of Paris in Notre Dame. Who has the nicest and least plague-ridden section of the city?
Amusingly two players came to an unexpected exact tie … or so we thought … until we noticed that the Notre Dame cathedral still needed to give three people more points. Thank goodness! … but wait … now we have a THREE WAY TIE! What a fluke!

See you tomorrow for Valentines Day!

Yes, back tomorrow at our normal venue of the Celtic Club!

Sure it may be Valentines Day, but I know many people who have brought dates to Cafe Games, or even met someone special who they’ve then gone on to marry! Games are really about the people!

Alternatively, why not just relax and not care what random advertising day it is? It’s good to be social! 🙂

best wishes,


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