Summertime Picnic! …with Games

9 Jan

Wow, how idyllic was December? Lovely long sunny days with never a drop of rain – perfect for our end of year games picnic in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens…

Much relaxing and playing of Qwirkle

Articulate and noms

Test playing the rapid game “Sweet Tooth” by Fir3storm, coming soon to Kickstarter. It’s like a cross between Billionaire (Pit) and Sushi Go ! 🙂

One Night Werewolf … with special mat 🙂

See how you go, playing a game where you have to argue about money, with your daughter 😛 … she might wind up getting more pocket money … “I’m The Boss!

Since it was a hot day, we did get quite thirsty, and so we really felt appropriate that we were playing “Forbidden Desert” – trudging through the stark dunes, under the glaring sun, desperately searching for the way out … inexorably dying of thirst…

Classic outdoor game – Mölkky … sold in Australia as Klop and Finska … it’s a bit like bocce or bowling, except you’re throwing a small wooden cylinder at numbered wooden cylinders.

It may look like the guys in the front are the most confused, playing with their cards facing backwards, but that’s how you play “Hanabi“, the fireworks game. Behind them are an unfortunate trio of Irish girls attempting to play a game based entirely on Australian advertising … “Logo“.

Picnic Bohnanza!! Wheeling and dealing … trading to beans to get what you want…

Extreme Scrabble, with a deluxe board, controversial words and a pair of cowboys!

Infamously, I think you shouldn’t be allowed to use words if you can’t use them in a sentence. So clearly, I’m not too keen on the Words With Friends “Scrabble” app which lets you throw down random letters. But … I suppose you can do whatever you want, if you agree on how you’re playing at the start! 😛

Ugg-Tect … Cavemen Architects taking a break from threatening their workers (foreground) … much gibberish and bizarre incomprehensible gesticulations

Werewolf … outdoors … with the wildlife … The villagers sleep while being watched over by the spirits of dead villagers.

See you soon!

Hope you all had a great 2014, and I look forward to seeing you for even more games at Cafe Games in 2015!
~ Christopher


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