From Retro Games to Hardcore Modern Boardgames

7 Nov

Amusing to play some retro board games. We could probably debate whether they’re real games or just toys, but there’s still some fun as well as the nostalgia 🙂

It’s Mouse trap! The board game where you help set up a very silly apparatus that might eventually catch the other players’ mice.

Operation with Homer Simpson! Fumble when you’re removing the comical organs and he makes a variety of exclamations. I never realised knew there was a bit of a game with cards involved. Not much, but more than simply trying to remove bits.
See a close-up of video the game (not Cafe Games)

Shadow Hunters – an older “hidden role” game like Resistance or Werewolf, but more like “Bang!” The Shadows team, full of creepy vampires, werewolves and other evil, is against the Hunters, a righteous squad of humans running around grabbing weapons and special cards that give you secret hints about other players’ identities.

Like Battlestar Galactica, when you’re pretty sure everyone knows who you are, you can reveal your role and gain access to special abilities unique to you. And … just to mess everything up … maybe you’re secretly not on one of those teams … you’re just running around confusing everyone with your own secret goals.

From the lack of cards on the table, I’m guessing this is a small game of Werewolf – only 12 players!

Classic Chinese Checkers

Tam takes a break from lunch to deal out the Dixit cards, so far we’ve got a whirlwind coming out of a hand and a flaming heart in a glass jar … weeeird …

BATTLE SHEEP!!! Turns out that these sheep are more passive-agressive, they don’t actually fight, they just obstinately take up space that the other sheep might have wanted and refuse to budge.

Ready, set, GO!!! It’s Perpetual Commotion, a crazy card race that’s like playing competitive Patience, with cards getting thrown all over the shop and much manic activity. Very similar to the games Nertz, Pounce, Racing Demon, Ligretto and Dutch Blitz

Eww! It’s Virus the Card Game, a recent Kickstarter success with the theme of building the perfect deadly virus. On the lighter side, at least you don’t have to wait for your turn – everyone selects their cards at the same time.

I think you guys were calling this game Oh Hell, but I learnt it as Up and Down the River. It’s a “trick based” card game in the same family as classics like 500, Bridge and Hearts where you each try to make exactly the number of points you predicted, no more or less. Grab a deck of cards from your drawer or any random convenience store and you can play it with friends right now! The Rules.

The classic Australian version of Cranium – the team party game with everything – trivia, charades, spelling bees, drawing, humming …. even making clay models!

Classic Blokus 🙂
Which reminds me, if you sometimes bring along Blokus, please check the front of your box to see if you picked up Doug’s set by mistake!

And now a bonus Blokus picture!

On to some strategy games …

Aha!  Criminal masterminds caught in the act trying to wreak their dastardly plans on the world in Evil Intent

Seasons – a very colourful abstract strategy game where you build up dice and mystical card combos to gain crystals and bend the seasons to your will!

Settlers of Catan – trading and building on the island of Catan. Wood! Sheep! Rock! Wheat! Vaporiser!

Terra Mystica, a modern classic amongst heavy-duty euro strategy gamers. A very intricate game with rival civilisations trying to colonise a variety of nearby islands with a many different kinds of buildings, resources, cults to placate, bonuses for a variety of things. Apparently people get quite obsessed by this game, discussing all sorts of theories about the different strategies and drawing up charts!

I looked for a short overview video of the game, but there was nothing shorter than 14 minutes and many of the videos were at least 20 minutes long…
(here’s a good 20min overview of Terra Mystica by the silly guys at Shut Up & Sit Down)

Hmm … we’ve come a way since Operation and Mouse Trap!

In closing …

I look forward to seeing you at Cafe Games again – we’ve got this November event and then the Cafe Games picnic in December! Remember you can check the events on , or even just our Calendar on the top of this site.

Also remember we’ve got a running collection of lost pieces gathered from Cafe Games days. See the bottom of last month’s blog post to see if any of your games have missing pieces there.

See you soon!

~ Christopher


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