Shiny Baubles and Missing Pieces

10 Oct

Another nice relaxed Cafe Games day was held in September … apparently there was yet another comic/scifi/pop culture convention on again, but we had a great turnout anyway…

Carol’s lovely Mancala set had a distinctly Christmassy feel with lots of little red and green shiny baubles 🙂

Everyone’s pensive while Avis gets ready to read out the weird word meanings everyone has given in Balderdash

Some words are just hard to say … or convey in Articulate.
Does anyone who played this game in recent months remember when the sand timer was broken? When we opened the set this time there was no sand in the timer or even in the box. If you do find a broken part in a game, please let me know.

Puzzling out the Concept. What’s a famous green animal in a tv show?

How long did this Cards Against Humanity table run for? 3-4 hours? It’s nice to have a game where people can drop in and out as the mood takes them. Expansions included “Glee Against Humanity” and “Cards Against Gallifrey” (Dr Who).

Brrrrrrm! Emma shows ’em how to Race (But respectfully following the traffic rules)

Ah yes, Shane convincing the ladies to play a game of Love Letter with him!

Pong? Kong? Mahjong! … some Basic Rules (it’s effectively a card game)

Foolhardy explorers about to discover there’s a deadly price for plundering an old temple in search of Incan Gold. (Note the little green tents)

Watch out colourful rubber duckies!! They’re trying to shoot you!!
It’s Sitting Ducks Gallery!

Ha! Two hands? You’re doing it the easy way! Uno Stacko

Saving the world from Pandemic – open handed style 😛

What could be more noble than being asked to help the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra build her new palace? Whoever does the best will be exalted throughout the Two Kingdoms! Do not stoop to cutting corners and dealing with shady individuals as the Queen’s crocodile loves the taste of dishonest flesh! Cleopatra and the Society of Architects!

Lords of Waterdeep – a euro style strategy game with a theme taken straight from Dungeons & Dragons … but it doesn’t take long for the players to start talking about orange, white, black and purple cubes, instead of fighters, clerics, thieves and wizards. 😛

Looks like chaos! As you’d expect from Dungeon Petz, the world’s first pet shop for monsters… but if you look carefully, someone has been obsessively stacking up the gold and the green vegetables on the centre board. The guy on the other side of the table is relieved he only has to take care of one pet. Just trying to take care of the needs of two pets is driving the rest of us bonkers!

Who will be the fastest to set up colonies on their opponents planets? Cosmic Encounter.

Gemblo! It’s like 6 player Blokus, but somehow the hexagons make it more complex!
(And yes, as predicted, we did find some of the Gemblo pieces under the table at the end of the night! Watch out for that!!)

oh … now that I think of it …

Are these your missing pieces?

Recognise any of your missing pieces here? Yes I know what several of these games are, but not who is missing pieces.
Contact me at if you are missing pieces.

See you at the next Cafe Games! (Saturday 11th October, or check our calendar page above)

Information also up on our Cafe Games Facebook Fan Page!

~ Christopher


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