Games Last Month

13 Sep

Wow, it’s been a long month, I bet you’re keen to get back into some games today!! Here’s a few glimpses of what went down last month, in August:

Lost in thought at the start of a game of Rummikub – a bit like Qwirkle, a bit like Mahjong, a bit like the card game Rummy … but nothing like Scrabble 😉 Make sets of matching numbers or sequences.

Fluxx … the random game … each time you play it the rules change, yes it’s almost like a drinking game – some might say it’s best played if you’re drinking 😛


Playing Mat Goceng – the new hidden role game from Indonesia. It’s an all-in brawl where you’re not really sure who’s on your side until someone’s almost dead. Were you helping the wrong person and attacking your ally? Oh no! Maybe you should have watched who was collecting the money?

It has some more amusing allegiances than games like Resistance and Bang – for example: the main character Mat Goceng has to protect the lovely lady merchant Nyi Kencleng, but as much as she appreciates his protection, she just wants to have the most money at the end of the game … and if Mat’s death causes the game to end … oh well 😉

Possibly a review of this coming later …

Code 777 is a little like the popular card game Hanabi – you’ve got to work out the code on your tiles facing away from you, from the clues the other players give you.

Always a crowd favourite – Articulate! Do you know what they’re trying to say?

Aha! A full complement playing Samurai Sword! The Shogun and his Samurai versus the hidden Ninjas and a lone-wolf Ronin.

Read my comparison of Samurai Sword, with the original Western version “Bang”.

Coincidentally … here’s some folks playing Bang! (Sherrif+Deputies vs Outlaws vs Renegade)…

(Like I said … Bang!)

Resistance! Brought to you by Bulmers Pear Cider 😛

Mahjong tables in full flight!

Well I say! Five delightful Jane Austin ladies all trying to get hitched in Marrying Mr Darcy. They’re all trying to become the most attractive in the eyes of one of the wealthy bachelors. Let’s hope that some of those bachelors have a thing for facial hair!

Ugg-tect Architect! The classic caveman party game we’ve played a few times before, where you threaten your team with your club until they build the right buildings out of the blocks. You can communicate but only in special caveman language and silly dancy-sign language.

The colourful game of pirates racing around Jamaica while collecting treasure and shooting at each other!

On the banks of the Nile, in the land of Kemet, ancient Egyptian armies battle each other with the help of supernatural creatures!

What a surprise! It’s the Lords of Waterdeep, bossing around colourful cubes and fighting for prestige in their fantasy city.

Letters from Whitechapel – can the detectives catch Jack the Ripper before he carries out his killings? It’s hungry work for all concerned.

Battle Sheep? Lots of sheep trying to grab as much space as they can, though no actual fighting, just nonchalant taking up space that others wanted. A nice, quick logic game.

Tzolk’in – The Mayan Calendar – who knew Mayans got their kicks riding around on giant wheels? A worker-placement strategy game where the workers on the board automatically get rotated to new positions, but can you leave them on the wheel long enough to get to the best spots?

Saboteur – tricksy little dwarves tunnelling for gold … but who are the ones secretly trying to ensure the gold stays hidden?

Video Time – Double the Resistance

Resistance, the hidden role game, is so popular, it’s not uncommon to have multiple games of it running at the same time…

See you soon!!!


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