Way back when …

11 Jul

Sorry, I’ve been very busy the last couple of months, haven’t had much time, but better late than never eh? Here’s a little taste of the hijinks that went on in … not the June Cafe Games but the May Cafe Games. (yep – sometime soon there will need to be a double blog update!)

Cranium – a classic good fun party game – take a whole heap of other fun party games and smash them all together in one game – it’s Trivial Pursuit plus Pictionary plus Charades plus so much more!

Some clever wordplay by the boys in Upwords … some of those words would have me running for the dictionary!

Dixit – a game where every card is a completely different piece of surreal art. Perhaps there needs to be a version where you show off every cool card in your hand.

Rummikub – based on the card game Rummy, except using little tiles instead of cards. No, nothing like Scrabble at all, despite the look. Be the first to get rid of all your tiles by making sequences like 1-2-3-4 or sets like 5-5-5 – but if you want to be really sneaky you can use what the other players have already put down, and even rearrange them to your advantage!

Off Your Rocker – can the Psychiatrist work out what strange delusion the patients all have today? Do they think the world is under attack by aliens, or they’re superheroes and villains?

Cards Against Humanity – looks like this game is with us permanently now… Try to come up with the most offensively funny combinations of cards. Tentacle porn? Catholic Church? Dead babies?

Bang! Before Resistance came along, there was Bang! … Saddle your horse, grab your rifle and head out into the Wild West, – help the Sheriff get rid of the Outlaws before they pump him full of lead. But wait, can you be trusted?

Skull and Roses – nerves of steel! Destined to become a perfect bluffing game to play in a pub when you’re a bit too drunk to remember the rules to Poker and you have no cards, only a bunch of drink coasters.

Bohnanza – the cartoon cards play on the silly theme of buying magic beans! But getting some of those cards will ruin all your plans unless you manage to organise a deal with someone else to take them off your hands. Maybe they’re exactly what they’ve been looking for!

I should really have made this one an animated GIF. You can’t tell from this photo that in Space Cadets – Dice Duel, players are all frantically active at the same time rolling dice, yelling out to each other as they crew two spaceships chasing each other throughout space. Save breathing until after the game.

Fresh from his success at Upwords, Jeson gets introduced Qwirkle, commonly described as a colourful Scrabble with no letters. (It really is quite similar)

Backgammon. Classy ancient game – going back 5000+ years, popular with the Romans, Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Sumerians etc … Unless perhaps they’re playing the “Acey-Deucy” variant Frankie’s been trying to get us all to play, which is apparently very popular in the American Navy 😛

Settlers of Catan SUPERSIZED – looks like they’ve added in two sets and several expansions! Probably such a different game from the base set that I wouldn’t even try to explain it.
But I’m sure it’s lots of fun!!

For a moment I thought it was just two of them playing Scotland Yard, then I noticed one player had two-colour hair! Anyway a great early co-op game where detectives  use logic to hunt down the mysterious Mr X who’s riding around on the London public transport system!

The classic, epic, very LONG game of Twilight Struggle – the classic game of the cold war. Rated the #1 game on the encyclopaedic BoardGameGeek.com

More Cards Against Humanity … getting VERY silly indeed

Don’t look so alarmed – it’s just Blokus, a bit like multiplayer Tetris!
(And such shiny pieces!)

Good to see you back Simon! And at the Mahjong tables too – I suspect the influence of a particular diminutive Asian gal !!

Shadows Over Camelot – noble knights going out on dangerous quests to battle terrible foes, discover sacred treasure, and SAVE THE KINGDOM!!! (let’s just hope the traitor has called in sick today)

Oh that “going on quests” stuff sounds a bit risky to you?… as Lords of Waterdeep, you’d rather stay safe in your castles, counting your money and arrange teams of disposable adventurers to do the quests for you. Do you even know their names? tsk!

Wow Asia really is in the grip of the horrid red Pandemic! Quick, send for a doctor!

Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game meets “Aidan’s Chicken Parma: The Dinner”
Based on the famous computer game, you try to each build up your civilisation to be the greatest of all time. Epic.

Ristorante Italia – who can run the most successful Italian restaurant, with the fanciest recipes on their menu? NB: It might seem to make sense in retrospect, but when you’re just starting up, don’t blow all your money on trying to bring in VIPs to make your restaurant seem groovy IF you haven’t kept any money aside to buy food!!!

winning Pandemic
Finally! A win at Pandemic!

The Billionaires table. Shrewd business investing, secret insider knowledge. Acquire from 1964 has stood the test of time.



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