Nerves of Steel!

12 Apr

An instructional message from our Cafe Games day in March …

Uno Stacko is pretty serious stuff!!

Requires nerves of steel …


… or … yeah … something like that …


Ahhh … a more relaxed game of Rummikub (like a light western version of Mahjong)

Verrrry large table of Cards Against Humanity – pretty soon there will be not enough cards for all the players!!
Bluffing? Double-bluffing? Who’s brave enough to take on the challenge of finding the Roses hidden amongst the Skulls? Skull & Roses.
Team White (& pink) on the left versus Team Black on the right (minus photographer) erratically propelling their teams’ spacecrafts around the galaxy while trying to catch the other team off-guard. Space Cadets – Dice Duel!
Jamaica! Erratically propelling their pirate ships around the island while trying to catch the other players off-guard. Ha! No, it’s actually very different to the previous game – each player has their own ship and you have to choose what you’re going to load into each storage compartment in your hold – food, gunpowder, money, or something special?
Don’t tell anyone – but they seem to be playing Illuminati (The game of secret societies taking over the world!!!)
Instead of taking over the world, how about saving the world?! Pandemic!
More Cards Against Humanity, with the very long card box!!
Smash Up! Pirates vs Aliens vs Dinosaurs vs Wizards vs Robots vs Ninjas vs Tricksters vs Zombies!!!
Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War, 2 player war game.
Upwords – Scrabble in 3D!!

Link of the Month

“What Game Should I Buy?” – Popular this month has been this flowchart which asks people different questions to recommend games they might like. Special focus is given to the categories of Party Games, Non Gamers, Wargames, Horror Theme, Sci-Fi Theme, Fantasy Theme, and people who “prefer game Mechanics over Theme”…
Choosing a board game flowchat
(Obviously it’s quite open to debate, but it’s nice that it’s more up to date than the last similar game-choosing flowchart.)


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