Lots of Colours!!

7 Mar

A quick smattering of photos from February’s Cafe Games Day…

I must learn how to play Coloretto – it’s such a colourful game!

Smashing things up in King of Tokyo (Kong!!!)

Holding your cards back-to-front is normal in the Hanabi fireworks game!

Intercept – it’s “Noughts and Crosses” 3D – need to get 4 in a line. Even from here you can see Black has intercepted a row of White going across the top, and another going straight down. A nice light game that plays quickly. See here for purchases: http://intercept3d.com/

Tsuro – a great icebreaker – it’s quick, easy and can take up to eight players!

Well they’re not worried – it’s not their heads on the chopping block! Guillotine, the game of competitive executioners! Kill the rich!

Skull n Roses – after flipping 3 Roses, Tanya’s luck runs out as she flips a Skull 😦

Skybridge – there’s something lovely to be playing with big wooden blocks. A surprisingly tactical game!

Another round of the beautiful game Dixit

Life in Cuba? Work hard in your orange and tobacco fields, and the rum factories, but make sure you take the time to visit the parliament with a packet of cash for your favourite politician.

Tense times on the Battlestar Galactica. Two Cylon Basestars are attacking, together with a horde of Raiders, worse, one of the Galactica’s crew members has already been revealed as a Cylon imposter!


… PS
… have you heard about the Board Game State Championships? They’re running on Sat 15th, Sun 16th March at the Games Laboratory store in Melbourne. The games include Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne (2 player) and Ticket to Ride with prizes including up to $200 vouchers for Games Laboratory. More details can be found on the events listed in our Melbourne Boardgames Meetup Group.


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